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Deadman Wonderland

May 29, 2013

Warning - Contains Spoilers


Deadman Wonderland is badass. Simply put. It's about a kid who fights deathmatches with other murderers. The prison is an amusement park. And the back story is really deep (if you've read the manga). Best part is they use there blood as weapons. Now, I'm very crass, and very strange, I have a unique fondness for blood. I know what your thinking, that's a sure sign of a serial killer; but It aint like that I promise. And for the record I'm not a cutter either, I just like blood. Now that you think I should be in a mental ward the reason I inform you of this is because as soon as I found out this show used blood as weapons, I was immediately interested. In general though, this show is just very entertaining. It's twisted, and I like that. Personally, I feel Deadman Wonderland is pretty underrated. Even the name is catchy. This show almost reminds me of deathrace, but a lot more interesting and without cars or Jason Statham.


The animation for this show is superb. The special effects left me an awe at times, and to be honest it's pretty rare that I praise a show for this. Furthermore the character designs a re solid and all in all it's very easy to watch. 


The soundtrack for Deadman is absolutly stellar. The opening theme song is called "One Reason" by Fade. I suggest you download that immediately Because it's an incredible track. Also I really like when shows incorporate music into the plotline; in this case it's the song the redman sings. Excellent job overall, even the dubs are pretty solid.


The characters is probably the weakest part of the show, but they're still good. Shiro is an interesting character. Our protagonist is kinda a whiney bitch, but at least it's realistic to a point. The characters are buyable for the most part, which is always good. Personally, Crow is my favorite but only because he's a legitament badass. Also for all of you FMA fans, The prison warden reminds me a lot of Major Armstrong (I think it's major?). Anyways solid cast, just wish we could have got some more answers. Interestingly the only character that has any development really is the main character, but they go about this in an interesting way because it's mostly just about him adjusting to the other characters who have clearly already adjusted.


Can we please get a season 2? seriously. That's what I have to say about the overall. So open ended. Shows like this make me hate my life; it's so good and was ended so prematurally. If you have yet to watch Deadman, I strongly recommend it.


8/10 story
9.5/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
8.8/10 overall

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