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Paranoia Agent

May 28, 2013

Warning - Contains Spoilers


Paranoia Agent presents you with a very unique interesting plot, that completly distorts your concept of reality. Hats off to the directors for originality. The only problem is that the story is incredibly fuckin stupid. Words cannot describe how incredibly stupid the plot turned out to be. I've always passionatly hated shows that do this to you, they string you along for 90% of the show and than troll you with the dumbest explanations ever. I'll give this section a decent rating solely because it was original and interesting for awhile.... but seriously guys, this storyline is crimanally overrated. Everytime I think of this show, the only thing that pops in my head is Kanye West saying "Imma Let You Finish...." 

Animation:God I Hate You Both....

The animation for this show was decent, but nothing spectacular. And sadly this is one of the highlights of the show. The charcter designs are about average. The scenery is about average. Overall it's just average animation.


Pretty mediocre soundtrack, full of mostly forgetable songs. With the exception of maybe having the creepiest intro ever. And I'm talking the cross dresser driving around a elemantary school in a brick red van with free candy painted on the side kind of creepy. Seriously, as soon as I started the first episode I was like "James, you really fucked up." But i'll give credit where credit is due, the soundtrack is ok, as well as the dubs.


Wow, where to start. First of all, all the charcters in this show suck. Theres not a single charcter I liked. In fact the only three charcter name I even remeber are Shonen Bat, Ms. Sagi, and Maromi. The former because about 50% of the show is focused on random people talking about the guy. And the latter two because they are 2 of the most unlikeable charcters ever. Seriously though, there is no chacrter development what so ever. Every episode is centered around a new chacrter, who seemingly has no coorelation to the story except that they get hit by Shonen bat. Other than that, all the charcters are pretty much discardable. One of the worst casts I've ever seen. Samurai Jack had more Character depth than Paranoia Agent.


I truly hated this show. Others seem to like it, and I have no idea why. It's baffling. If you like horrible charcters, really dumb plot lines, and mediocre soundtracks/animation; than this show is right up your ally. Meanwhile I'm going to go watch top ramen cook in my microwave cause it is significantly more entertaining than Paranoia Agent.


6/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
2.5/10 characters
5.3/10 overall
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