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May 28, 2013

Warning - Contains Spoilers

Vash The Stampede... Also know as: Valentenez-Alkalenela-Zeehok-Shushira-Boherez...... Gombibobella-Blue-Stratavari-Tralentrent-Pierre-Andre-Chart-Baldos-George-Doitzel-Keiser-The-Third.... Don't hesitate to call.


Trigun truly has a great story, and it is quite original in my opinion. I'm convinced that the game borderlands is based off this show. The bandits on a desert planet.... Idk, that's what it reminds me of. Anyways this series had some pretty unpredictable plot twists, which I give it props for. For instance, once I pieced together why it's called trigun I felt like a badass.... yeah, i'm a  pretty lonely guy. The story progression is great as well. At times you completly forget how incredibly in depth the story really is because your so caught up in the comical scenes of the show. The only problem I had with the storyline was how incredibly out of place technology was. For the most part it's a very premitive planet, yet somehow Vash gets his hands on an MP3 player. The inconsistencies really threw me off, even though they were somewhat explained. Other than that the only problem with the story was that the ending was a bit open ended. And to be blunt I'm getting so fuckin sick of shows that do this to you. I like conclusions to a story, and if you don't give me one your perfect 10 score is void. Now that I'm done ranting....


Let's be honest, the animation isn't very good. It's certainly watchable, and the other aspects of the show more than make up for it; but at the same time it's pretty hard to deny that the animation could be much better. I give them credit though for making scenes funny when they use there unrealistic-over the top animation. Not to mention, I really like Vash's character design. Although most everyone else (minus the gung-ho guns) is pretty generic, at least they have normal hair colors though. That is yet another thing I'm getting sick of. Can we all agree that hair dye/hair spray needs to be banned from animation? The only other thing about the animation I didn't approve of was that at times the charcters were incredibly disporportinate to there enviornment. Like when Vash fights Blade.


I really enjoyed this shows soundtrack. The old western style rock and roll is really fitting for the show. The intro is legit as well. So why am I giving it an 8/10 here? Cause the dubs were a bit sub-par. And that's a generous way of saying that. Two words... Lip Syncing.


Vash and Wolfwood make up one of the coolest character combinations ever. Seriously, whenever those two were both on screen you know its gonna be good. And man, Wolfwoods cross of mercy has got to be one of the coolest weapons ever. Everytime he used that thing in a new way I was like "Dayyyyyyuuuuummmm"! The characters have great progression as well. Watching this show makes you feel bad for our hero though, I mean seriously, how unlucky can you be? The only downfall to the charcters is that you truly don't have enough background information on them. For example, Meryl clearly has some history with her family, yet it's never revealed to the audience. What's even worse than that is I still have no idea what Vash is... Is he an alien? A superhuman? I don't understand. All i know is his arm can shape shift into a weapon so destructive, even Suddam gets a hard on watching this. Oh, that and he's 150 years old... Some elaboration would have been nice.


Triguns a classic. Honestly. Definantly worth watching, you won't be dissapointed. If I had to describe it, I would say it's the perfect example of cartoons for grown-ups. It's funny, got a good story, likeable charcters. Just a great show, with a badass name. And if you make it threw this series, and don't have a craving for donuts you have an iron stomach. I'm just glad Vash is such a pacifist, or we would all be fucked.


9.5/10 story
6/10 animation
8/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
8.8/10 overall
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