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When I first came across this pretty number I was like "Whaaaaaaaaa?" Linkin Park is on anime planet? I thought it was an injustice that the best 3 minute anime of all time does not have a review. For straters I'm not even entirely sure if this is technically considered "anime"; but in the end, it doesn't even matter... Yeah, I just went there.

Anyways, the storys kinda cool, it almost reminds me of the movie Memento in a way. And evidentally, it is actually a pretty personal song. Let's be honest, we can all relate to jumping out windows to our deaths, having tomatoes thrown at us, and performing hit rock songs on the roofs of skyscrappers. Personally, I also tend to smear my blood on suicide notes as well. But I plan on breaking that habbit tonight.... Yeah, thats 2 points for Phan†om. Bare in mind, that I just watched Serial Experiments Lain, at this point pretty much anything seems logical. Seriously.


Say what you want, but I actually thought the animation was pretty legit. I like the sketchy kind of scenery. That was a terrible way to describe it the animation but all well. Fun fact for you guys though, the animation director is Kazuto Nakazawa (I had to look up how to spell that atrocious name). He's the same guy who directed Samurai Champloo. And that's pretty badass. 


The soundtrack they originally had prior to making this video was so significant, that they actually took an unorthodox approach and constructed the animation around the music instead of the normal vice versa. Yeah, that's how kick ass the sound is. Best American rock song ever in an animation. And I know Theres gonna be some haters, but you know what? After watching this video I've become numb, and I cant hear you now.... Ohhhhhh! yeah i'll stop with the puns, let's just forget what i've done! oh man, couldn't help myself there.


You know what the best part about the main characters is? They're all awesome. Every one of them is cool. Hell, they even have normal names and normal hair cuts. Its weird. You got a guy named Chester, theres Mike.... Yeah they pretty much just shattered the ideology that normal people can't be cool in anime. 


The video is a bit open ended, and it makes me really mad to watch people waste food. Assholes throwing tomatoes.... But other than that this is legit. You wanna entertain yourself for three minutes this is a good way to start.


6/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.4/10 overall

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