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Warning - Contains Spoilers

Ahh, hinamizawa... The only place in the world where killing your friends is always the solution...


When I first started watching this show, I didn't have the slightest clue as to what to expect. And it almost lulled me to sleep, as it appeared just like any other kid's show... I couldn't have been anymore wrong. The hsow drastically changes back and forth between your Saturday Morning Cartoons and the next Friday the 13th film. Some of these scenes were just; gruesome. But I loved it, it was captivating. And at episode 4 the show has a relatively conclusive ending. Immediately following episode 4 I hoped into episode 5 thinking "Where can they possibly go from here?" And just like that, the show starts over. Now you can imagine my confusion seeing charcters gets torn to bits my axe-murders, only to be cheerful and alive the next episode. Than the story pans out different over the next four episodes. And it rinses and repeats this process multiple times, only giving you slight clues as to what is really happening. Imagine playing the game of Clue in real life... except everyone is the murderer. I actually sat down with three of my co-workers and explained the first 3 story arcs to them and we tried to figure it out for a few hours. I was convinced that it was a video game, and that the events were being panned out depending on the actions taken.... To put it in short, this show really screws with your head. But in a good way. One moment you think you piece it all together, and at the drop of a hat everything you thought was true is shattered. As a psychological thriller, this show is a masterpiece. If you look past the extreme violence (which I was a huge fan of anyways) this is actually one of  the most interesting stories I've ever seen. 


The animation for this series is probably mediocre at best, but it doesn't need to be great. Theres no real special effects. Instead they use creepy facial expressions to give scenes a darker atmosphere. Trust me, Rena with an Axe is a lot scarier than any special effect you can possibly think of. Interestingly enough though, Hinamizawa is actually a real village in Japan. If you live there I have four words for you.... Change of adress form!


I actually enjoyed the soundtrack. The Intro was awesome, and suits the show very well. But other than that, the music is just flat out creepy at times. Like really creepy. Like if Salad Fingers had his own theme song creepy. And than again, theres the upbeat music that makes you completly forget that every character is a soon to be serial killer who's bound to have the scariest laugh you've ever heard.


Characters... Man, and I thought I had a messed up childhood. This has got to be the most unpredictable cast of characters in any series I've ever seen.  And at the same time, they're actually really enjoyable charcters. If cute was part of my vocabulary, I would use it to describe them. Cute in a "aww your so adorable, let me clean blood off your new shirt hunny", but cute none the less. What really throws you off is Half of this show is just them being normal kids. Pulling pranks, having fun, the works. But bottom line is that the charcters are completly misleading in every way imaginable, and to be blunt they are down right scary at times. The charcters have an abundance of personality, in a really twisted way. But bottom line is that the charcters for this show are extremly original, and entertaining.


At this point, I can say two things for sure... If you ever find yourself in a sticky situation, saying "Neepah" will sufice. And also that this show is simply a masterpiece. Possibly the best psychological thriller I've seen to date and it is quite worthy of the praise it recieves. On a side note, there is one philosophical lesson to be learned... Never judge a book by it's cover. Seriously. 


10/10 story
6/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.2/10 overall
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