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Cowboy Bebop

May 26, 2013

Warning - Contains Spoilers (Sorta)

Lets be honest, there will never be an introduction to a show as iconic as this.


The story for Cowboy Bebop is far from amazing, but it is amazingly brilliant. It's simplicity is unmatched by any other show I've ever watched. The premise of the show is about a very interesting group of bounty hunters; well, being bouty hunters. The actual plot of the show does have a little substance which is definantly a plus. At the same time though, it doesn't need a complex story. It's just simply enjoyable to watch. Not to mention, the simplicity creates an atmosphere of real emotions. For the most part, this show is just very cool, and yes that is the best analogy I can think of to descibe the show. I will say, I wish the ending would have provided some additional answers, but it doesn't even matter. The entire story is great, and it is just plain and simply enjoyable.


The animation for this show is far from spectacular, but even for being as old as it is it still delivers. While the picture quality isn't on par with some otehr great series, it's still very smooth, and truthfully I tip my hat to the creaters for this. The style they used for this show was incredibly original. 


For starters, the dubs for this show are excellent; one of the best I've seen. Furthermore, Bebop has hands down the best soundtrack I've heard. Not only just with the kickass intro, but throughout the show itself as well. The show really delivers at all times with the music. When it's a sad setting, the music makes you feel sad. When they're chasing a bounty, the music makes you feel as if you're right there chasing them as well. But it gets even better, for those of you who like trivia and music. In just episode five of Cowboy Bebop, it is sampled by two differnt rappers. Chamillionaire uses the police report (shown at 8:00 minutes in) as the inro to his song "The Morning News". Likewise, rapper Tech N9ne samples the song "In The Rain" played at the end of the episode to make the beat for his song "The Rain". Just some fun facts for you guys.


Bebops characters are absolutly phenomenal. When I first started watching this show, I didn't really see the designs as being that great, and to be blunt they all seemed kinda bland in a way. But as I continued watching the characters became more and more believable and more enjoyable.Here was the kicker for me that I slowly realized throughout the series; when the Characters are being cool you feel cool. When the charcters are sad, you truly feel sad. When they crack jokes, you share laughs with them. And to be honest, even the charcters you don't care for grow on you. For example, when ed and ein leave Bebop, that is a truly deppressing scene. You feel for the characters, and that is truly what I think defines a great cast; when you can share real emotions with the charcters in the show. Oh and not to mention, Spike is one of the coolest charcters ever.


This is perhaps the best anime I've ever seen. I won't say that conclusively, but there's no doubt it is truly amazing. Is it a perfect show? No, not by any means. Is it overrated? sure, maybe a little. Is it entertaining? Your damn right it is. And that's what a show is meant to do, entertain you. Bebop draws you in, and that's what viewers truly desire in a show. Anyways, time to sum this up so I can watch the Bebop movie before I go to bed.

See You Space Cowboy....


8.5/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.6/10 overall

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