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May 24, 2013

Warning - Contains Spoilers


When I first began reading reviews for this shows it was made out to sound like it was better than the second coming of Jesus Christ, but I should have known this was gonna be trouble as soon as I saw it was on the syfy channel. The plot to this series is very complicated, which is probably the most notable part of the show. It's actually very hard for me to give an honest assesment of how good the story is because it's very strong in some areas and god awful in others. The show is meant to be taken seriously, and is praised for it's realism; so i'll be logiccal and realistic. For starters, the fact that the hospital johan was at can't confirm patient records of his existance is obsured. Furthermore, given the time frame the show takes place in, forensic and ballistic evidence was widely available. Given that, it absolutly blows my mind that the police force is so incompetant they cant confirm Johan's existance either, or even rule out Tenma as a suspect. With the massive wake of bodies left behind; you would think the police would be able to draw a reasonable conclusion or two. Another thing that seriously takes away from the plot is the excessive amount of filler episodes. I feels like your force feeding yourself episodes of Monster. Let me put it this way, when I spend 20 minutes of my life learning about why some random takes three sugars in his coffee, I'm not happy. I would have rather watched the pain olympics or read the obituarys. The entertainment value of this show at times was very abysmal. After the first 50 episodes we find out that the reason Johan is killing scores of people is based off of a picture book that was read to him as a child. Yes the Where's Waldo of Monster is how Johan devises the intricate plot to become the next Hitler. Not to mention the ending of this show is so unsatisfying, I could go on forever about this but I will refrain to keep this review simply to keep this review at a reasonable length. To be fair though, the plot is exceptionally interesting, and to a point it is quite realistic. You can certainly appreciate the story despite the shows obvious flaws.


The animation for the show isn't terrible, but it's nothing spectacular either. At times I felt impressed with the quality and other times not so much. So overall I give the animation a 7.5 for being exceptable but not stellar.


This is bar-none the most well done part of the show. The dubs are very good, in my opinion. And aside from that, the music fits the story perfectly. Aside from Cowboy Bebob, this series has the best soundtrack I've heard. The intro to this show is so creepy, I love it. In fact the intro is what made me keep coming back to the show, I even have the song "Grain" on my iTunes.


If you've seen the show you should understand why characters doesn't deserve a perfect score. To be blunt, there is just to many characters. I would venture to say there's at least 100 characters introduced during the show, and every single one has a plot line. It's just overwhelming. The only truly special charcter in this show was Johan, who by the way is the best part of the show. Tenma is interesting as well as many otehr characters; however Johan is basically the ultimnate antagonist. Thats not to take away from Tenma being a great protagonist, though. I would also mention that Johan is essentially the melodrama version of Lelouch.. think about it; an evil genius, that can convince anyone to do anything, kills scores of people... the parrallels go on and on.


Truthfully I wouldn't recomend this show to anyone. Why? because of how angry the ending made me. Aside from that though, it is an exceptionally well done show, with an interesting plot. I didn't think it was great, but it certainly wasn't the worst thing I've watched. I just feel like the 74 episode investment doesn't payoff. I will say this, the show is very over-hyped.


6/10 story
7.5/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
7.4/10 overall
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