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My names James. I love music, in my spare time I write and record.  And anime is a guilty pleasure of mine  haha Wanna know more, hit me up. I also give stellar reviews for this website, check it.

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FullmetalCowboy24 Nov 30, 2013

I'll try to remember that tip about Gankutsuou

FullmetalCowboy24 Nov 18, 2013

I noticed I got your message over a month ago and I have been busy lately because of work (which I was just let go two days ago), but anyway, I have heard much of Gankutsuou and I will consider watching it when I can.

ShionSonozaki Oct 13, 2013

While I adore music, I have no talent in it whatsoever xD So my utmost respect goes to people who do. And, with the exception of most pop music (now and then there's a good track but it feels very bland and repetitive for the most part) I love a lot of genres ^^ Particularly instrumentals. While I love lyrics and love well-written ones, I also love just music and nothing else. I feel sometimes it says more than any lyrics.

Hey look, now I'm rambling xD 

ShionSonozaki Oct 4, 2013

Hey, rap and anime can work together. Just look at Gurren Laggan ^^

Haha, but in all honesty, you should be truthful about your hobbies. The whole 'tough guy' image is insanely overrated anyway so why not mix it up a bit?

I'm currently in my last year of school, hopefully next year will be uni year. After thaaat... I dunno xD. I'll see what the fates throw at me.

ShionSonozaki Sep 26, 2013

Sorrys for the late reply! ^^ And yeah, trying to apply for university right now and the workload is huge. But hey, at least I managed to write a new review finally! ^^ I hope to become a journalist one day so I'm writing as much as I can. Hopefully I can do one for attack on titan as well, as it finishes this week. It's a big task but hopefully I can do it!

And, in terms of higurashi, I'm kinda proud to say I now own all of the manga. If you thought the facial expressions were deranged in the show, you ain't seem nothing yet...