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Im Greg, I live near Charlotte and am 24 years old. Due to a busy schedule im not online as much so if i reply late dont take it personally. I work as a welding foreman and 3rd shift plant supervisor at a local concrete pipe company and take night classes in hopes of finishing a degree (only 4 classes left for my associates as of writing this.) 

My favorite anime genre is psychological (was a psy major when i was younger) but supernatual and seinen are close behind. lately ive been watching more comedy and harem animes to help laugh and de-stress. 

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ichigodaisuki says...

That's good (^.^).

Jun 27, 2014
ichigodaisuki says...

It is fun to play and I might almost be finished with the game if you exclude collectible items.

Jun 25, 2014
Jmonk says...


Are you watching football? American team was regrettable. Cristiano Ronaldo...

Jun 24, 2014
ichigodaisuki says...

I'm into playing The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD right now, so I'm not currently reading/watching anything.

Jun 23, 2014
issi says...

Heey, don't take your loss for granted! This WC results have been weeeiiirrrddd..... I wouldn't be surprised if you tied and won on penalty kicks or something. Anything could happen that's all I'm saying.

Great! I just acepted you! :) You're my first friend there lmao. I don't use the other site that often but I'll try to. A-P takes a little too long to load, so I'm slowly switching to the other. So, feel free to message me on MAL but my replies may be slow!

Jun 22, 2014