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Cafeteria ~

21 JUL

Luxurious Cafeteria with a different menu every day ^∇^ (you may choose one meal) -

Menu's :

Monday: Lunch - 1. Una don with Tofu or Miso soup, 2. Chirashi with soda drink.

Tuesday: Lunch - 1. Bulgogi/Kimchi Fried rice with soda drink, 2. Dukbokki with bubble tea.

Wednesday: Breakfast - (pick one) Egg mcmuffin, Fillet-o-fish, Chicken caesar wrap, Hotcakes with orange/apple juice. 
Lunch1. (Hamburger - pick your ingredients) Beef or chicken, with onion/tomato/cheese/lettuce/egg/bacon with tomato/barbecue/mayonaise sauce.
+ orange/apple juice or soda drink. 

Thursday: Lunch1. (you may pick 6 pieces in total) Tempura/Salmon/Tamago/Octopus/Eel sushi with clam/miso soup or soda drink.

Friday: Lunch1. (Fried rice - pick your ingredients) Shrimp with lobster sauce/bean sprouts/mushrooms/cashew nuts. 2. Sweet and sour pork/Roast pork with mushrooms or black bean sauce/Mixed vegetable rice. + soda drink/bubble tea.

Soda Drinks Available - 

Coke, Lemonade, Fanta, Sprite, Mountain dew, Dr pepper, Cream/Grape/Orange soda, Pepsi, 7-Up. 

Bubble Tea Drinks Available -

Regular milk tea, Taro, Mango, Green tea, Lychee, Passionfruit, Chocolate, Strawberry 

Enjoy your Meals Bunny Emoticon~

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bunnies10 avatar bunnies10
Jul 21, 2012

FOOD!!! .... BUBBLE TEA!!! *^*b

ianimefeebz avatar ianimefeebz
Jul 21, 2012

errr, o.o.... maybe Monday? since we haven't rped here yet ...

yesh yesh theres a variety of jap/aussie/korean and chinese food *^*

bunnies10 avatar bunnies10
Jul 21, 2012

Kyaa!!! The food!! They sound so yumy!! *^*b

smoresgalore avatar smoresgalore
Jul 21, 2012

What day is it today? o3o

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