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Entrance: Front Gate ~

18 JUL

Kpop Academy Entrance Kao Chick Emoticon -

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ianimefeebz avatar ianimefeebz
Jul 19, 2012

(Po T reference? O_O yeah sure i will make one now :)

"Oh really?! that's excellent to hear" Umeko declared as a rush of excitement flowed through her. "West builing? hmm i think it's over there.." she said and pointed over to a building with crowds of students making their way inside. 

"Well shall we go then?" Umeko once again smiled like a flower blooming. 

smoresgalore avatar smoresgalore
Jul 19, 2012

Sure.. slr T_T

bunnies10 avatar bunnies10
Jul 19, 2012

(Ooc: R we going to make a new blog for photography class?)

smoresgalore avatar smoresgalore
Jul 19, 2012

(That's okay... XD I don't think they'll mind, rofl. ..and PoT reference :D)

"I have Photography, too." Jaehyun said as he scanned the paper he was holding. He smiled to himself, 'Lucky~!' "I wonder... where's the west building?" he asked as he looked around the campus.

ianimefeebz avatar ianimefeebz
Jul 19, 2012

"First period? Hmm let's see..." Umeko remarked and grabbed a timetable out of her pocket. She skimmed through to the bottom until she saw that she had photography next. "Oh i have photography next" Umeko exclaimed and hesitated a bit as she didn't want to leave yet...

(ooc: we totally forgot the entrance ceremony lol)

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