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Aug 17, 2012


When I started on watching this anime, I didn't really think much of it.
Maryui was a girl who talked in third person, also a bit weird, but then after a few episodes, I realised she was pretty clever. She found out quite a lot of things which helped during the time machine's progress, and was always trying to cheer up Okabe.

The story began quite peacefully and funny. A mad scientist as he calls himself, wants to build a time machine using a phone and a microwave. It sounded silly at first, yet when there was Daru, helping him as a "computer hacker" and eventually Kurisu, who just blew my mind. Throughout the episodes, they gain lab members who each had their role in this game. Everyone of them had a story of their own, a message, which were turned into mails sent to the past to change the future, to change the world line. It all seemed like a good idea, making progress and changing the world by travelling time. 

But even though it's just a small rock thrown in the river, the flow will change. Massive things had gone wrong and Okabe has to make it right, to save people and the whole world from falling into wrong hands. 


For some reason I loved watching the show as it had nice graphics. At first it seemed so peacefull, that I didn't expect death and blood. It was so sudden.

The characters had their own clothing style which, I think, suit them well. A mad scientist wearing a lab coat, Kurisu, who is American, had shorts and tights. Also Daru, who looked like a nerd, but I never expected Ruka's situation also, Moeka, who was a silent type and always busy on her phone, was something I didn't expect to see in this anime. Some of them were stereotypical, yet suit them well and their personalities made up for it. 

So I give the animation an 8 out of 10, because of their style and the mixed personalities in their team.


The opening team was so catchy, I decided to listen to it everytime I started on a new episode. It was a nice tune and the lyrics were beautiful as well as they fit the story. 

The sounds during the anime, were a bit on the low side, it's something I can't explain, but I expected more loud noises, apart from that, it was enjoyable.


As I said before, they had their own style and personality which suits them well. 
Daru, was in my opinion, a bit stereotypical. Perverted, hid hentai magazines, slobby clothing and a bit on the fat side, aka a computer geek. 

Ruka on the other hand, was a nice person who had a crush on Okabe, who was a bit fightened of the whole situation. 

In the end it was rather a bit cliché, seeing as Okabe and Kurisu seemed to like each other, which I noticed from the start. It would have been more fun if it had a twist on the end, but that's only my opinion. Apart from that, I liked the characters.


8 out of 10, I loved the story, the twists and it sometimes confused me, all the things concerning SERN, spies, the rules of time travelling and the future selves. I loved how it got me seated til the end of the story and I wish there were more episodes made. I also heard there will be a movie made of Steins;Gate and I will be looking forward to watching that as well.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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