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Well this anime is one of those that is now in the pile of failed animes. The only reason why I watched this thing through to the end was because of my perfectionist nature which I can not leve something half done. In other words if you dont mind not finishing something or if you do mind dont even begin to watch the series.


The story took way too long to get to the point. The main plot was established and solved within the last 4 episodes of the series ( I say series because I pray that they do not come out with a second season ). Most of the series was only made up of filler scenes and pointless stuff like the main character's need for a towel to go to sleep. Another thing that made no sense was the magic that they used it was never explained and what does the world do when the feel that someone is out of control with this power what else but launch nukes at it. That is how the series finally gave it the story rating that it deserves.


Well the animation varied from character to character. The main male character Mamoru had his hair in such a way that made it look like it was made out of waxed rubber not to mention that he looks like he is only 10 years old. One of the henchmen of this little girl looks like one of the guys from Yu Yu Hakisho he even had the same hair style but for some reason they decide to give this guy huge buck teeth. The only reason that I gave it a 7 out of 10 is because the background fights and some other characters were colorful and done properly.


Sound was good not great but just good enough to save itself from failure.


Mamoru was the most underdevoloped character of this series he was basically there just to be an amplierfier to those that had the ability to use magic. Ayako was ok but why, why would she choose the most useless waste of space. The reason that i didnt just give this anything other than a 5 was all due to the other minor characters such as the student council that actually made this series watchable.

1/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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