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coolfire Aug 11, 2011



I was reading your comment about my review so I thought that I would send you a message. You are right in many aspects and to be truthful maybe I was a bit harsh on welcome to nhk. To be honest though I just wanted to explain why. You see when you watch something on tv do you just turn the tv on and pick a random channel? Usually more then not you pick a channel that you prefer or search for something interesting. So when I watched welcome to NHK the reason why I had scored it so low is why should I watch it? What is the point in watching it? You see when your in a sad mood you watch a sad anime or happy one to perk you up. This one really had a one way story and looking back on it. It gave me no emotion no thrill there was no sadness nor happiness it was just there. To me there was nothing special or anything that really stands out to make it anything but something just merely to watch. Like you said though to each there own. I do support that people watch it but if someone were to ask for a recommandation on anime that would be low on my list. In any case, I thank you for comment and hey message me again sometime I love talking about anime with other people.