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About My Ratings:

5 - Awsome - Level II.

4.5 - Awsome - Level I.

4 - Great.

3.5 - Good at some point.

Well, In case of Films with 3.5 or 4 it may mean, "It's a great movie. But what's the deal? :O"

3 - Average

2-2.5 - Not bad. Not looking for watching 2nd time.

Less than 2 - Crap. I actually don't know how I finished some of them!

Well, that's what I used to think about my ratings a few months back. But now, I'm really maintaining a "Gaussian Distribution". So, what I said earlier doesn't have any real value. But might really tell the truth sometimes. So, they are not really valuless either.
So, we really have a paradox here. Despite they are not true; they can have some value. It's hard to say, very hard. I don't know  why.

It actually sounds very poetic in my native language which is Bengali - "এটা সত্য হতেও পারে আবার নাও হতে পারে। বলা কঠিন, বেশ কঠিন। জানিনা কেন।"

My favourite Genres would be:

1. Comedy

2. Slice of Life

3. Sci Fi

4. Action

শুভ হোক আপনার দিন||Selamat Siag||Good Day


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magnetpupil says...

O:)Filling captchas is torturing. :|  

Apr 24, 2012
magnetpupil says...

Watcha doin'?? :P

Mar 18, 2012
yomnat says...

eito khobor valoi. :P :P

Jan 14, 2012
stealthmomo says...

It does indeed. And it was the first intelligent answer I have received. LOL  Thanks a lot.

Jul 26, 2011
stealthmomo says...

I noticed your comment in a review of Ano Hi Mita Hana. I have a question. Why do you wait for a dubbed version to enjoy an anime?

I am simply asking for the purpose of research and curiosity, not to start a debate on the merits of subs over dubs or vice versa. I ask this question of everyone I come across who seem to prefer dubs, because I simply cannot wrap my head around this mindset.

I have had responses ranging from "It's too hard to read." (?!?) to "I think downloading subbed rips from Japanese TV is wrong/illegal." (it's neither, BTW)

If you wouldn't mind taking a minute to respond with your thoughts, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks and peace.

Jul 23, 2011