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April 24, 2010

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April 16, 2014

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hutchicken avatar hutchicken


Aug 18, 2010



This show was awesome.

It's pretty confusing, though. As in, you get the basic idea of what sort of happened. A bit. But most of it you have to figure out, although that's fairly easy. It's a bit like NGE, but the ending is actually really good. There are some things that aren't explicitly explained, but they leave clues to help you understand.

Anyways. Lain was freaking awesome. Air Gear is... decent, I guess. It's fun to watch, but pretty cheesy and cliche. It's the only shounen I actually liked, and although it's fun to watch (and Ringo is hawt), the show isn't what I'd call high-quality or great. But it was well worth 20$ for the entire series + the art box.

You're watching Venus thing next, right?

hutchicken avatar hutchicken


Aug 14, 2010


Serial Experiments Lain is really fucked up

There's, like, a bunch of suicide

And something about a world called "The Wired"

And all this messed up stuff

And it makes no sense

Granted I'm only at episode 4 or so, so it will probably make more sense (it's 13 episodes long), but I'm still really confused...

hutchicken avatar hutchicken


Aug 9, 2010

Neon Genesis > Code Geass

Just sayin'...

hutchicken avatar hutchicken


Jul 14, 2010

You gave NGE a 1.5...

hutchicken avatar hutchicken


Apr 25, 2010

Here's your first comment. Uguu~

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