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Hmm... Well, i'm never any good at coming up with stuff to write in these things, so... I guess i'll just put some basic info or something? Now, then...

Name: Erin, but please call me Lulu, Hubrid, or one of my other nicknames.

Username: I first started using the username "Hubridbunny" when i joined Gaia Online near the end of 2005. I meant for my username to be "Hybrid Bunny", but i didn't know how to spell "Hybrid" and my guess was pretty far off. But, the name stuck anyway and now it's my second most-used username (the first most-used being "Lulu_chan126").

Birthday: 6/12

Gender: Female

Bio: I'm a hopeless yaoi fangirl and yet I don't know the first thing about love. I'm completely asexual and yet i'm a voyeur. I'm made up of contradictions.

Annoying traits: Procrastinating, Getting distracted easily, Being unable to wash my hair without listening to music, Using the British spellings of words even though I'm American, etc...

Other Things: I'm a commitmentphobic, I have a quiet disposition, my favourite type of yokai is the Zashiki-Warashi, and my all-time favorite voice actor is Steven Jay Blum. <3

Current Favourite Song: Snow Fairy - Funkist

Current Obsessions: xxxHolic, Team Fortress 2, Pokémon, etc...

Current Favourite Pairings: SaixHikaru (Hikaru No Go), DoumekixKimihiro (xxxHolic)

... I tend to be attracted to unusual or unpopular pairings. >.<

Find me on deviantART! I draw a bit in my spare time. My stuff can be found at my deviantART, LuLu-Chan126. Please check it out sometime!

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