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Saya is a half-human, half-vampire hybrid sworn to protect the world from Chiropterans with her trusty Katana and her Red Shield partners behind her. Oh, wait..this is the real Saya who appeared in one classic anime film, one good anime series, and one interesting live action adaptation. Which brings me to Blood C. What can I say about this look at an iconic anime character and not sound biased? Absolutely nothing.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you my review of Blood-C or as I like to call "The abortion that was the marriage between Production I.G. (the geniuses behind the franchise) and Clamp (The Studio for the penis challenged).

I could provide a synopsis of the story before I break it down, I suppose I should, then again I could bang my head against a brick wall until I pass out unconcious and wake up with no memory of anything and that is what the story of this anime is. Perhaps I can just sum it up thusly:

This Saya walks to school, sings, sings some more, eats in a cafe, crushes over the school bad boy, walks home, sings some more, gets sword from dad, goes to fight, stares at opponent for 10 minutes, gets beat up, BOOM ONE SHOTS OPPONENT!, OMG MAYHEM, walks to school again, sings some more, OMG EVEN MORE MAYHEM, blood and gore and guts everywhere, wierd dog watches her take a bath, more singing, MAYHEM MAYHEM MAYHEM, runs off into the night.

What else can I say?

Story 1/10 -

Nothing to see here folks. The previous paragraph is pretty much what this show is: Slow moving, nothingness to out of the blue grotesque scenes of shocking violence that does nothing to move the plot along, because there is NO plot. The creators of this abomination wrapped a thinly veiled story around a gaping maw of nothingness and tried to pass it off as a horror/action/conspiracy anime. No rhyme or reason for anyones intentions are presented and this anime left me scratching my head.

Animation 6/10 -

The animation is the only thing positive I can say about Blood C. It is absolutely the most beautifly drawn messes I have ever seen. Characters are done in typical clamp fashion, oddly enough though this Saya has been given the full Moe treatment down to her glasses. The downside to all of this however is the seizure inducing use of the flare censor, you will be seeing this a lot..however once again you will scratch your head at the choice of flare usage when they censor out people yet leave dead, shredded beasties alone in all their chunky, gory glory.

Sound 3/10 -

Nothing memorable about the sound in this anime. I give it a 3 for the OP, Spiral by Dustz. But that is about all I am willing to give.

Chracters 1/10 -

Characterization is where this anime yet again falls flat on it's face. No single person in this series has any kind of development. Saya in Blood C is clumsy and clueless (but she plays basketball so well) and let's just say the most useless hero ever committed to film. She accomplishes absolutely jack squat throughout 12 episodes. Make no mistake, this is Saya in name only..there is no crouching tiger/hidden badass here. Sure she beats the monster of the week, but not without sacrificing so many collateral characters in the process. She claims she wants to protect, yet stands still while people become monster chow right in fucking front of her.

Overall 2.75/10

For the sound and near excellent artwork this gets a 2.75 out of 10. The rest of this muddied, disgusting mess should be thrown into the pit of forgotten series so we can forget it ever happened. Next year, there will actually be a feature film..maybe, just maybe they can resurrect the Blood universe and make us forget this travesty happened. But I am not holding my breath.

Avoid this one at all costs.

1/10 story
6/10 animation
3/10 sound
1/10 characters
2.8/10 overall
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meryely says...

Great review baby lmao you are so right about Blood-c good job :)

Dec 17, 2011
randomredneck says...

Nice review dude.

Dec 11, 2011