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Apr 26, 2011

Story: Minato has just failed his college entrance exam for the second time, establishing that he really has not a lot going on in his life when by fate a girl literally falls out of the sky introducing us to Sekirei and the story: Sekirei are 108 intergalactic beings discovered by the head of a generic Conglomerate known as MBI who for reasons unknown to us decides to use these beings in a game known as the Sekirei Plan where each has to fight the other until the last sekirei is standing and whose reward is to be able to spend eternity with her/his Ashikabi. As much as the idea of the story pulls me in, this is where it falls on it's face. While these creatures feel they must fight each other, no one ever seems to be in any real danger unless the main characters are fighting for a reason (i.e. helping another Sekirei and her Ashikabi escape the city) but it is during these confrontations that small glimmers of "Something else is going on that we are not aware of" appear.

Animation: 9, very vivid coloring, and does a great job of contrasting happiness and brightness with dark and foreboding. There is a lot of deformation however, and can be distracting when a character gets frustrated or angry at inopportune times. Nudity is very tasteful when it wants to be, but can become a distraction when it happens again at inopportune times.

Sound: This is where Season One shines. The opening song "Sekirei" is really upbeat, as well as the extremely catchy ending tune "Dear Sweet Heart" puts a smile on your face. The score is well done, down to the RPGesque boss battle sounding music during fights.

Characters: Far far far from one dimensional which is normal for a Harem anime, all the characters grow and begin reaching their potential throughout the series. Most notably Minato, who seems to be a  loser but shows there is much more to him. He truly cares about his Sekirei and there are moments of real heartache that makes you feel how he is feeling. Likewise for his Sekirei, they love him and put themselves through a variety of situations to prove it. Because long story short, this series is about love (not just romance) and is a theme that reveals itself especially at the end of the season.

Overall: A very well made story that will suck you in if you allow it to. As I stated, there is a definate something going on behind the scenes. The "game" as they call it is only part of what is going on. I forsee Sekirei going down a different path in the future. In the meantime enjoy this show.

7/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
8/10 overall
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