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hottychoc says...

Dear Hoo AKA Rotting Sphincter Candle,

How dare you. I respect dwarves too much to toss them about!

Oh no! :o Whatever am I going to do!

Sep 13, 2014
hottychoc says...

Dear Doong AKA Beef Curtain Bertha,

you are not always right... 

Obviously it stands for dramatic funky monkey.

Sep 7, 2014
hottychoc says...

Dear Ad,

You are correct! You don't get to hear any music at all from what I remember. But I love the opening song :D

What does DFM mean or stand for?

Aug 30, 2014
hottychoc says...

Dear Ya,

He did change my mind but I do not think you will dislike him though.

Yes you do. Enjoy.

By the way I see you are watching Nana. How are you liking that?

Aug 27, 2014
hottychoc says...

Dear Iya,

I have finished the anime and therefore I cannot comment on this until you have also finished as you requested no spoilers.

Lunge has indeed changed my mind! I find him to be admirable in the end. Although I am not quite sure you would agree with me.

I do not think Dieter will stray down that path. He is much too interested in football. Plus the whole trenchcoat thing that detectives have going on would not suit him at all!

Aug 26, 2014