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RomCom Yuri Rampage

25 MAY

Watched Rec. Did not remember why, but anyway, the show's slice of life + realistic rom-com aspects hit me like I was talking smack. I give my 5 star ratings sparingly, usually for anything that can induce tears- and that finale did it for me :)

It was not enough. I started lusting after the recommendations on the Rec page also.. powering my way through Candy Boy, and maybe Onegai Teacher later tonight.

//random I realize Genmukan is very hard to find on DVD. They had a 2 DVD Box set too. Darn. //

Fry's Electronics puts me through a ton of hassle with online dealerships. They can barely price-match amazon, let alone rightstuf.com. Ugh. No more serious brick-and-mortar anime shopping for me.

Picked up Alice at the post office today. Box was badly beaten up. And her right thumb just popped off when I touched it..? A micro-drop of gorilla super glue fixed that. Just put her on my desk for a quick snapshot before she goes into the case :)

My Bride is a Mermaid Part 2 and Bamboo Blade complete set from rightstuf came in on Monday. Yummy.


Jover bought some Pocky today, U.S. sized. It was gone just as fast, sadly.


I start orientation as a full-time blue badge tomorrow!

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