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AnoHana 7- What a joke.

28 MAY

no, seriously.   that was the last line before the ending credits- "What a joke." I don't even know what to say.   :'(  ... read more

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RomCom Yuri Rampage

25 MAY

Watched Rec. Did not remember why, but anyway, the show's slice of life + realistic rom-com aspects hit me like I was talking smack. I give my 5 star ... read more

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Dinner May 27

17 MAY

Pork lo mein from Canton Wong #8, Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bar.   Bought Bamboo Blade Complete Collection and My Bride is a Me... read more

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Ga Rei Zero, Future Diary, others

16 MAY

I'll be heading to Lowe's in the morning for some more concrete bricks and some wooden edging. Need to spend on things other than food and anime. On t... read more

ssssage ramen!

10 MAY

The last line at the end of AnoHana 4. I have no idea what Menma's talking about. What a tragic drama this series is..   More fantastic episode... read more

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