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RomCom Yuri Rampage

25 MAY

Watched Rec. Did not remember why, but anyway, the show's slice of life + realistic rom-com aspects hit me like I was talking smack. I give my 5 star ... read more

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ssssage ramen!

10 MAY

The last line at the end of AnoHana 4. I have no idea what Menma's talking about. What a tragic drama this series is..   More fantastic episode... read more

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300th anime, other news

30 APR

Just finished off Mobile Suit Gundam SEED episode 50. Struggling to finish it over the last week or so- it's a good show: it just has its fair share o... read more

End of Madoka + Haruhi Gekisou

22 APR

So, the last two episodes came out recently, and I got home from work and, after a quick shower, and going on about 3 hours of sleep, started streamin... read more

spring 2011 wrap up


finished zombie a few days ago, finishing IS, kimi ni todoke 2 and fractale tonight. fractale and IS were fun romps- not without their flaws, but more... read more