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gotta start job hunting again?

11 MAR

signed up for OT for this sunday again. Last allhands meeting, question of badge conversion came up again. response? "dunno lol. by the way, at 1200 hrs, if you're not converted, you gotta be laid off for 90 days."




better cut down the spending and start saving again, and get ready to live at home again (all the figures and collectibles are staying in my room at jover's though). at the current rate I think I have about 2, 3 months tops, probably 2 (which figures about 8-12 paychecks)


gotta stay up to 9am today, to pick up a post office package they tried to deliver while I was asleep. I've started printing and saving all my order receipts for rightstuf, amazon and ebay- I need to keep better track of the ridiculous amount i'm spending.


haven't found the time to hang out with mom lately- I'll bring her a muffleta from Morning Star on Monday :9 I need a haircut anyway.


Madoka is getting interesting again. Looks like Kyubey is part of a race of Lawful Neutrals looking for infinite energies.



Madoka 10. Wow.

In a single episode they managed to cram:

  • Homura backstory
  • explanation for why allying doesn't work
  • ret-conning Mami into a fragile wreck
  • turning Homura into the Girl Who Leapt Through SHAFT Time, apparently
  • answering just about every doubt I had up til now, including the much awaited "why you can't wish someone back" explanation
  • Madoka as The Obi-Wan

Absolutely delicious. ClariS's song was played during the ending credits in Magia's stead, and included Kiyoko and Homura at the end (up til now, they were not considered part of the "good" circle)

With Akemi Homura's backstory, SHAFT has now broken every cutie in the show. Well, except for Kyubey, but he's kind of a douche.


as for IS 10. I just barely noticed (slowpoke.jpg) that along with no male students, there are no male teachers. what? also, wtf is bunny-maid in the credits? (edit: oh yeah, it's houki's sis. I wonder if she's always been in the op credits?)

I thought this was going to be a cecilia episode, which it sort of was, for the first 2-3 mins. then we switch to houki's personal IS, and then mission planning for dealing with some crazy out-of-whack IS from U.S./Israel.

from what I gather, you can basically summon anything that has been through "quantum transformation". Tabane basically summons a sam turret (I guess that would be quantum teleportation?) for testing Houki.

Haha, so the world didn't just sit and awe when IS was developed in Japan. Still, 2300+ missiles.. really takes the Macross Missile Massacre to it's logical conclusion.

delicious but unsatisfying. I await next week's episode.



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greyweather avatar greyweather
Mar 21, 2011

***More Madoka spoiler talk***

"Also of note, I think Homura can't go further back in time than when she woke up with powers, but in the timeline that we view, Madoka meets Homura for the first time afterwards. Maybe there are slight differences with each time that she resets (outside of her control I mean)?"

It seems she always "wakes up" on the same day.  The differences in when and how she encounters Madoka are the result of Homura's own actions (accelerating or delaying the school transfer process, ambushing Kyubey, killing witches, etc).  Chaos Theory.  The Butterfly Effect.  Differences are basically unavoidable and unpredicable.  There aslo seems to be a small window of oppertunity between Homura's hospital discharge and Madoka's initial encounter with Kyubey.

greyweather avatar greyweather
Mar 18, 2011

**More spoiler talk.**


"It's just not going to take effect, as time is continuous flow that should not be possible to alter... it always ends with Madoka and the destruction of the world."


Well not really.  Madoka didn't even become a witch and destroy the world in the original timeline.  Homura also kept that from happening in at least one replay that we saw, she just had to kill Madoka to do it.  I would bet she could alter the timeline even more radically if she killed off the other girls herself as well (since Kyubey can't be stopped directly),  That isn't in line with her goals though so she hasn't tried it.  Instead her focus has become dealing with the Walpurgis Night without involving Madoka.  Apparently allying with Kyoko alone was a new tactic, but Kyubey was able to deduce her intentions and was able to manupulae the situation.

I think Kyubey's lack of concern has less to do with any theorectical resiliance of the timeline than confidence in the sizable advantages he possesses between the inability to effectively kill him and the looming doom of the Walpurgis Night.  Homura can't do anything about the former so she's targeted the later.  That element concerned Kyubey enough to sacrifice Kyoko to weaken Homura's position.  He must have thought that the two of them together were actually a real threat to the Walpurgis Night, so working together apparently could change the outcome.

Kyubey must have done something similar in that last timeline we saw (the one girl wrecking crew) that kept Mami from showing up to fight the Walpurgis Night like in the original timeline.  It probably wasn't hard, as apparently Mami has a rather frigile psyche.  If Homura was killing all the witches I doubt one of them would have gotten Mami beforehand, so maybe suicide after finding out the truth?  However he did it, he made sure Madoka was the only help Homura was going to get.

I think ultimately fear and doubt were the only reasons they didn't try to wish Mami back.  If I'm going to make an excuse for the writers, I would say that Sayaka and Madoka never discussed the possibility out of shame.  Madoka out of her shame of being too afraid of dying to a witch like Mami, and Sayaka out of shame for wanting to use her wish on Kyosuke instead.

greyweather avatar greyweather
Mar 14, 2011

"as for IS 10. I just barely noticed (slowpoke.jpg) that along with no male students, there are no male teachers. what? also, wtf is bunny-maid in the credits? (edit: oh yeah, it's houki's sis. I wonder if she's always been in the op credits?)"

It doesn't seem that odd to me that there are no male teachers.  The acadamy trains IS pilots, and logically those who are already IS pilots would be best suited as instuctors.  No male IS pilots means no male IS instructors.

I double checked, and yes, Tabane has always been in the OP.

After episode nine being the "beach episode" for the series, I'm a little surprised episode ten wasn't a full blown "hot springs episode"

greyweather avatar greyweather
Mar 14, 2011

"answering just about every doubt I had up til now, including the much awaited "why you can't wish someone back" explanation"

Compared to Homura's wish that sounds like an easy one.  So what's the reason?  I've watched episode 10 three times now and I still don't see why you can't wish someone back.

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