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chooooke on it


planted canteloupe seeds yesterday afternoon. target does not have the 6" screen trash can anymore and the garden center was closed (could not pick up fertilizer/mulch and some bamboo edging). guess that'll have to wait. emailed ailyn's pond about anacharis 2 days ago- no response as of right now.

gotta finish that haruhi book (boredom) before I totally forget the lisp stuff.

i think ill exercise when I wake up.

got packages:


  • complication (limited edition + dvd.. region 2, bleh)


  • remaining vols of suzuka
  • remaining vols of kanon (except for 5, which I ebayed today ($13 + $1 donation), and 1)
  • xxxholic s.a.v.e.
  • sacred blacksmith LE (i'm watching it now, story = 6/10, fanservice = 9/10)
  • welcome to the nhk vol 1

just ordered grave of the fireflies, princess 69 lesson 2, step up love story vol 2

total = ~$52 - ~$5 membership discount = $47


saw darker than black vol 6, bid on it (could not resist). will know results sunday. i guess ill go up to $30- (i'll tell myself that it's rare and out-of-print). consequentially, it means I had to bid on vol 4, also out of price but cheaper. also bid on a random black rock shooter nendoroid (~$20) and ergo proxy box set (~$35). ebay + me = dangerous spending. also helped wilson pick out a psp and gta vice city stories on amazon for ~$140 (I picked up the $15 or so in change, which I spent on 2 pairs of ~$7 steel bookends).

some guys at work want to go to gila river casino either sat at lunch (one guy) or sunday morning (2 guys). not sure if it's a good idea, but it sounds fun. though I don't exactly have a ton of money that I don't need (I consider gambling money a lost cost).

sky7 seems to be down, so no seasonals tonight. I guess just sacred blacksmith and rocket girls until I fall asleep. rocket girls seems to be a decent show- I'm tempted to say K-ON! in spaaaace but there's more plot. saw the pilot episode on disc 3- I prefer the more realistic character designs to the prepubescent (highschool? more like grade school..) of the main characters. I saw nudity on sacred blacksmith. have to say- was a bit surprised, but then again, the artbox (paperback..) did have pretty risque pinup photos (one of which is hung in my room now, lol).

looks to be a slow week.


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