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2/27 itinerary

27 FEB

plan: meet ryan at 9am for breakfast and then borders

got off work, called ryan instead at like 440am, got dennys and then hung out at his moms until about 10am. went to borders. sales staff was rude but it's to be expected during a store closing when every dishbag and their aunt wants to try and read every book on the shelf.

manga bought

  • nana vol 1
  • dance in the vampire bund vol 1
  • bakuman vol 1
  • yotsuba&! 7
  • lelouch of the rebellion vol 1
  • 7 billion needles vol 1
  • sunshine (hidamari) sketch vol 1
  • future diary vol 1
  • berserk vol 1 (for wilson)
  • lucky star vol 2
  • genshiken: return of the otaku
  • spice and wolf (novel) vol 1

total = $117.97 (hehe, 117)


also bought some other trinkets and necessities, about $30 total. remodeled desk so that my alt monitor is now sitting around a foot and a half above this main one. certainly adds desk space.


went to living room, started working on flag vol 1 and beer in fridge. fell asleep for about 30min. my tolerance has gone to nil. finished flag vol 1, got about halfway through fma brotherhood part 3. on my third bud light atm. i should make some ramen or get some mcdonalds, but I really just want some chinese take out. but its 11pm already :*(


no exercise tonight. coerced jover into watching infinite stratos ep 8 with me.

gonna watch bakuman 21, gosick 8, index II 20, some nodame paris, and try and polish off a couple more budlight/8th streets before I pass out. I've slept 30min since getting off work at 430 this morning. had woke up at 2pm on sat so that means i've been (mostly) up for about 31hrs.


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