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nightmare of nunnally + lelouch

26 FEB

jover tried to wake me up at 930. i ended up waking up at 2pm and meeting him at macalpines, had to pay for my own meal. we went to az matsuri instead of borders.

saw rahxephon and some other nugget for $10 each but they didn't accept card. this other stand DID accept visa though and I bought manga:


nightmare of nunnally vol 1-5

lelouch of the rebellion vol 2-3 (just need 1 and 8 now!)

total = $35 + $3 tax = $38

just barely got home at 5, need to shower and head to work. guess Ryan wants to hang tomorrow so we'll hit up borders around 10am.


my abs are burning.


edit: just looked it up. all I remembered specifically was that it was gonzo, and short (probably an OVA). it was still long enough to have an artbox for 2 dvd cases. apparently it was Zaion: I Wish You Were Here.


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