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4(3) pieces of equipment

26 FEB

sit ups tonight: 83. they seriously burned tonight.


I'm now trained and certified on 3 different pieces of PIT at work. it really feels like I'll eventually become a more permanent employee- as long as I don't eff up. I need practice!

jover says we gotta hit up borders today before they close-out. first FYE and borders closed out of az mills, and now this. seriously, I might just camp out rightstuf/amazon/ebay for the rest of my life. since I have to drive, I hope he buys lunch :9


some kaze no stigma and infinite stratos 8, then I'm off to bed.



WTH indeed man. I guess they woobified Bodewig a bit, but seriously, THE EYE? Couldn't they have done that anywhere else? I hope I don't have nightmares tonight. I am saving Madoka for tomorrow tomorrow anyway.


bonus screenshot I took that made my night:

Sentai Filmworks apparently licensed this series. I am SOO going to go after this. Hopefully a limited edition and/or bluray version will be available. bonus glee if they dub, especially with adv favorites (chris patton, luci christian, etc).

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