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24 FEB

sit ups: 70

people at work piss me off. but that's just a few people, I guess. not too tiring of a night, otherwise.

last few days saw quite a bit of things enter our mail box

  • haruhi LE 2, LE 4
  • lain boxset
  • rozen maiden starter set
  • various singles

speaking of stuff for the mailbox; just made 2 rightstuf orders:


order 1:

  • lucky star wall scroll (konata sitting on kagami)
  • yotsuba&! 4
  • rampage of haruhi suzumiya (hardcover)
  • xxxholic s.a.v.e. edition
  • welcome to the nhk graphic novel 1

total = ~$65 - $4 coupon - $6 membership discount = ~$54


order 2:

  • sacred blacksmith complete collection LE
  • suzuka 2,3,5,6
  • kanon 3,4,6

total = ~$58 (ineligible for discounts)


I almost nearly bought the momohime figure I had my eye on. I'll wait til I wake up tomorrow to see if my impulsiveness will go away. at least I avoided buying any hentai or gurren lagann part 2/part 3 (which were on sale for $24 each on rightstuf)- the GL parts were cheaper used on amazon, and I don't need them to be new as long as they are in good condition. my amazon cart currently holds bookends, bleach vol 6-7, and ryoko asakura's character CD from haruhi, while my saved list holds a ton. my rightstuf also holds a respectable amount of merchandise. I see no end in sight for spending- it's to be expected if I want to atone for years of watching anime and listening to anime music for free :)


I see that the haruhi suzumiya gekisou figure is around $205 atm- it'll have to wait until about May (or until I'm a blue badge).

speaking of ridiculous spending, I see a delicious display case from IKEA- $60

IKEA Display Case

momohime, haruhi gekisou and hitagi, to name a few, are definitely going to be living in there.

as for tonight's anime viewing, I watched kaze no stigma 14 and15. I've got to finish up that series and move on. the characters and story are there. they just don't mix well or have any chemistry for some reason. Ayano is supposed to be tsuntsun towards Kazuma and he's supposed to be the cool, level-headed smartass- I'm not feelin' it.

I'll watch some Rio before I go to sleep- HD courtesy of HorribleSubs.


edit: watching some kimi ni todoke 2, episode 7. Pin is hilarious, even though he's a dick. Everyone and their imouto seem to know about the nonsense between Shota and Sawako, but no one wants to say anything. I guess they've got to fix it themselves- I pray it doesn't take the rest of the season to do so. On another note, I really feel bad for ken (kento?)- an optimistic outsider who tried to inject some fresh air and perspective into the stagnant situation. what does he get for his? a mental gangbang from kurumi, chizu, ayane and shota. admittedly, he could have tried to stay more informed, but that's what makes him this season's wildcard. I'm looking forward to episode 8.


I think I had to much coffee smoothie.


Rio was fun, as usual. A show can't disappoint if you don't have the wrong expectations for it. It's just a guilty fan-servicey pleasure for me, and episode 4 was just that.

Yeah, I definitely watch Rio for the plot ;)


Time for bed! Hopefully I'll be up in time for  some food.


edit 2:

Against my better judgement, I watched some Kanon. Episode 9 and 10. My blanket is wet with tears T_T


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