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wtf is flag

21 FEB

just ordered Bandai's variety bundle on a whim. at least I get Kyon/Kyon's sister's character CDs and Aika-R16 out of the deal. And I love having DVD singles laying about. the bundle includes lucky star vol 1, haruhi vol 1 + the CDs, flag vol 1, toward the terra vol 1, code geass S1 vol 1, rocket girls complete collection (complete collection?), and the cutie honey live action movie. I was going to buy aika r16, and eventually, those CDs, so $28 for all of this is not bad. at least I have a bunch of potential gifts to give out now.


installed a super-effing-bright flourescent reading light on my wall next to the bed. because obviously, I need more lights in my room.


maybe I'll buy a digital camera this month. that, or new headphones. I need to hurry up and plant tomatoes too.


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