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pale and lukewarm

19 FEB


i managed to daydream and distract myself enough to go through the entire shift without being too bored. still exhausted, though. first part of night was very physically exhausting in particular. saw a dvd 2-pack that looked interesting enough- "I can't think straight"/"a world unseen"




Anyway, I need to dust off "the world is flat" and finish it before summer starts, probably after I finish this lisp book Jover loaned me. we haven't spoke much the last few days- though he did get me cough drops last night at my request, a life saver since wal-mart can't be assed to be open 24hours (35th ave/southern one).


made eye contact with msg (mysterious sexy/short girl) tonight a few times but failed to say anything or even read her name badge.. I am worthless incarnate when it comes to these matters. Instead, I tried to imagine her leading stretches today. What is wrong with me?


Signed up for overtime Sunday. Nothing better to do. I don't think Jover would want me at his race anyway, and $150 is sounding pretty good..


among some things on my shopping list for next week..



  • sacred blacksmith LE
  • xxxholic lithograph signed by Colleen Clinkenbeard
  • bamboo blade
  • suzuka 2,3,5,6
  • xxxholic S.A.V.E. edition
  • maybe other stuff

real life stuff

  • anacharis for pond
  • body pillow case? hmmm

some madoka and infinite stratos and then it's time for bed.


edit: madoka, oh madoka. this show continues to give me something that resembles disappointment. SHAFT's direction seems to be madoka being corrupted slowly by proxy- episode 7 ends with Sayaka bring me back to Mami-deja-vu, though a bit more crazy-eye-flavored. I'm still waiting for them to address why (or even if they *can*) bring back magical girls with a wish. "I can't face Mami now!" no shit! you healed some asshole's arm instead of bringing back Mami from the dead. I know we're deconstructing magical girl shows here, but this 'teenaged girls make dumb mistakes and are angsty' schtick is starting to get on my nerves.



the only show this season that hasn't disappointed me yet, infinite stratos, is next :)

(i'm looking at you, fractale, and your bullshit terrorists)


greyweather avatar greyweather
Feb 21, 2011

I know what you mean about Mami.  How is it Madoka and Sayaka have managed to not think of resurrecting her with a wish yet?

As for the larger issue of the direction of the show, I rather like the fact that the title character still hasn't made a contract.  I know she will at some point, but so far the more she learns the more horrifying the idea of the contract becomes.

Sayaka isn't giving me any deja-vu.  While she's an idealist like Mami, Sayaka seems to be far more emotionally invested in her roll as a magical girl.  She's clinging to her ideals because she can't face the possibility that she made the wrong choice, while the reality of the situation is chipping away at the foundation of her identity.  Hense the crazy.  She made the bargan, she paid the price, but her wish has left her without even the hopes she had before.  Mami didn't have that problem, she barganed for her life, nothing else.  Sayaka's situation is more like Sakura's, which is why they have the twisted relationship they do.

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