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My first memories of anime start very early in life (ie; preschool days) with Kimba, VoltronAstroboy and Samurai Pizza Cats. But it wasn't until early high-school, after moving to the city, that I began to fall in love with anime through the morning airings of Dragonball Z, Pokemon and Digimon. I further buried myself in anime after being introduced to Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Blood: The Last Vampire... and I've never looked back.

Because I live with a schizoaffective disorder, I tend to use anime as an escape and a mood stabiliser, as well as for enjoyment. My preference in genre is varied, depending on my mood. I like series through which I can connect with characters so I don't feel so alone (Welcome to the NHK!, The Flowers of Evil), series set in fantasy worlds or involving surreal elements for a removal from reality (Sword Art Online, Spirited Away, A Letter to Momo) and series that invoke a sense of emotion be it positive or negative (Itazura na Kiss, Peach Girl, Elfen Lied, Grave of the Fireflies).

I'm not much of a manga reader, as I mostly read when I'm on public transport (but 90% of the time I'm just staring into space with my headphones on and a storm of thoughts smashing about in my mind). And my ratings are purely personal - based on characters and development, story progression and art style. I am a fan of fan service, because usually I'm already a fan of that genre so it feeds me exactly what I like.

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