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I love things that make me think, that make me see things from a different angle.

That may be the reason that I love anime, because it is a bit strange and exotic.

Other things I love: laying in the grass, gaming, giving and receiving gifts and reading,

And things I hate: Liars and hypocriets, walking downstairs with my hands full and baconcrisps

 My rating system

5 stars     Absolute master piece.

4,5 stars  A great anime with a lot of highpoints.

4 stars     A wellrounded anime that just misses the spark to make it a evergreen.

3,5 stars  A good anime that mixes interesting and enjoyable concepts with some flaws that keep it down.

3 stars     Good and enjoyable for the moment, though not something that will stay with you very long.

2,5 stars   Average.

2 stars      It is probably enjoyable if you like the genre, even though it is quite flawed.

1,5 stars   Has some points of interest, but is overshadowed by its bad points.

1 stars      It has one shining spark in a pile of shit. Wouldn't recommend it.

0,5 stars   Garbage and probably a danger to your health.

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h4to Jan 22, 2012

waar in nederland woo jij ongeveer

dawnmage Jan 10, 2012

I intent to go to the animecon every year. Instead of buying anime/manga/movies/programs I watch/download almost everything for free. The reason is because I am also a student and I don’t have the funds to buy thing.

dawnmage Jan 9, 2012

nice. only need more watch hours. just like me ;).

and what is your favorit anime/manga?


ga je naar de animecon in almelo dit jaar. ik wel ik heb al een weekendpas aangeschaft.

YamiVKD Nov 6, 2011

I'm Glad my review helped you ^^