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Hi ya!, well I'm new to this community and I love the anime list provided here. So I made myself the effort of joining and just wanted to say I'm glad to be part of the community.

Well I like watching anime whenever I have time. Action anime's are amongst my favorite, while horror/mind-fudge are my least (most of them just fail).

As for the anime's development, I like my animes to have plenty of action, romance for the storyline, and a bit of comedy here and there :P

I also make AMV's and sigs every now and then, eventhough I'm not that great >.< LoL well I'm pretty much out of ideas on what to write.... more later

For now, nice to meet you all ^^

I made some AMV's over time, you can check em out at:



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Tanzoir Dec 15, 2009

Thankie, nice of you to welcome a new random! n_n

And for my bio... Haha, thankie! x) It describes me the best possible, I think. Randomness ~ So, do you check out newbies alle the time, or was I random? Haha, eighter way, niiiice of you ^w^

sorcerer101 Oct 4, 2009

Ahh..Arigato!^^ I jus love chibli chaacters i adoree~ them

sorcerer101 Oct 3, 2009

Wahhh,...i totally love ur avatar

Primera Aug 31, 2009

^^ Thanks for the welcome

I was going to try Aion on a PServer but it's not open yet :S Tell me what it's like once you've tried it =P.

Oh and Bleach FTW! xD

XOtakuOverloadX Aug 29, 2009

Thanks ^_^

I'm not quite sure what it's from, but I found it on photobucket XD

I like your avatar too :3 Code Geass is one of my favorite anime