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Hello my name is Adrian, i am a 16 years old guy from Norway. I am a geek when it comes to gaming, music(metal, rock, anime and utaite songs) and now anime. I started watching anime at the end of 2013 or the start of 2014 so i am fairly new to it. My first anime was "Ginga Nagaraboshi Gin"(one of my biggest favorites), though it is over ten years ago and i had not watched any anime up until already mentioned 2013 or 2014. So even though it was my first anime i am not saying that was when i started watching anime, back then i did not even know there was anything called anime. So excluding Ginga, "Death Note" was my first and is still one of my favorites.

Next up was "Code Geass" which is my second favorite anime. The horror/gore genre quickly grabbed my attention and i have now watched animes like Higurashi(not second season yet), "Deadman Wonderland", "Elfen Lied" and "Corpse Party". Also really like those strange girls so far like Yuno Gasai from "Mirai Nikki" and Shiro from "Deadman Wonderland". The horror/gore genre can easily be considered as to be one of my favorite genres so far. A tad funny since my favorite anime so far is the Romance/Comedy/Economy anime "Spice and Wolf". As you might gather from this i do not only stick to one genre but i am willing to try every genre(i think). I have watched the cute little anime "Usagi Drop" and loved it and like the aforementioned very clean and innocent "Spice and Wolf".

So far one of my least favorite things in anime is the unneceessary fanservice. I can handle some of the dumb camera angles in forexample "Code Geass" where the camera gives you kind of an upskirt once in a while. Though in animes like "Highschool of the dead" it just made me sick at times. Most of the time the series tried anything serious they throw in some of that cheap fanservice and ruins the moment. That is not to say all fanservice is bad, you can use it in a good way to. This happened once in "HOTD". *SPOILER* On the gas station when the girl got groped and got a knife held at her throat. See instead of having the fanservice ruin the moment it was one of the moments main points. I belive the reason it worked was because it was very dark, it got out some of the mean and desperate nature in us humans, this turned out to be meaningful fanservice delivered in a dark yet effective way and most importantly did not feel cheap, nor was it. Enough about this though.

After having watched anime for a while i set myself a couple of goals. One was to find an anime that could make me cry be it by awesomeness or something touching, i just want to find one. "Fma brotherhood" gave me a couple of tears in each eye(but want real crying)"Angel Beats" was also very close, but it could not make me cry. It was truly a great and touching series yet funny. "Anohana" was even closer, but it could not make me cry(guess i am hard nut to crack). Now i do now "Clannad" is a very strong one, but i am saving it for later. The other goal i set for myself was to find something that made me really cringe and thicken up my throat, making me slightly sick. This has so far happened twice. One was in "Deadman Wonderland" when *SPOILER* a guy got strapped to a chair and they grabbed his eye and ripped it out with some kind of a surgery tool. It was very much the screaming that did it as he did not get anything to reduce the pain, so yeah it got me.

Next is the anime "Pupa", the anime is 12 episodes but only lasts for like 40 minutes, therefor i will not spoil to much(not like you should watch it anyways since it sucks). At a couple of occasions it made me very sick, at some parts i even had to take of my headset and listen without it, had to pause a few times too, i even left the room once to take a break. It basicly involves a sister, a brother and cannibalism. I am just gonna leave it at that. Another worth a mention was a scene from "Elfen Lied" where *SPOILER* a puppy got beaten to death with a flowervase by some 10 year olds. You did not get to see the puppy which left something for the imagination. You could see the vase get more bloody everytime he lifted it up to land another blow. It sucked hearing the poor puppy in pain, the puddle of blood on the floor also got bigger. Worst thing is throughout the whole thing the kids were smiling. I did not feel that sick though but rather rage. It is good to know the kids got what was coming to them.

So now you know something about me. Who i am, what i like and what i do not like and some my of viewpoints. Now, what about you?

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Sianeka says...

Since you mention liking Spice and Wolf and Usagi Drop, I'm gonna throw a couple more slower paced SOL anime at you to check out you might like: Barakamon - a sweet, relaxing story of a calligrapher trying to find his own personal 'style' that was just released last season (I very much enjoyed it) and Mushishi about a traveler who explores strange phenomena caused by mushi (there is a second season just released also: Mushishi Zoku Shou and coming soon: Mushishi Zoku Shou 2

Oct 9, 2014
InnocentKiller says...

Well still. *bows* my apologies. XD

Jul 31, 2014
InnocentKiller says...

No seriously its irritating -_-

Jul 30, 2014
Esper26 says...

What's up?

Jul 17, 2014
Esper26 says...

Want to be friends?

Jul 17, 2014