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I'm a student in the UK, have a tendency towards seinen, sci-fi, and things with a dark or unconventional subject matter. I have also read a fair bit of manga like Bokurano, Beserk, BOTI, Vagabond, Nausicaa among other things of inferior quality.

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August 10, 2007

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December 1, 2007

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Lolo avatar Lolo


Aug 17, 2007

Hello there! I saw that you are watching darker then Black what do you think? I was thinking about watching it ... BOOYA! Yes I did that for no reason at all... Have a groovy day in the UK - the marvelous captain lolo :)

Wolfco avatar Wolfco


Aug 16, 2007

If you already know this, I apologize for bothering you, but there is a Ghibli Museum in Tokyo.  It is mostly for little ones, but it is full of super cute stuff.  I thought I would mention this as you commented about an anime-based amusement park.  I think this is about as close as you will get.  

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