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I'm a student in the UK, have a tendency towards seinen, sci-fi, and things with a dark or unconventional subject matter. I have also read a fair bit of manga like Bokurano, Beserk, BOTI, Vagabond, Nausicaa among other things of inferior quality.

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VivisQueen Sep 30, 2007

You what?! Argh! God, where are all these express policies coming from? On a totally unrelated note...*almost rips off her ears as Girls Aloud covers Whetus on Raido One*

VivisQueen Sep 30, 2007

What the fuck?! They changed the smoking age and I didn't know? Just heard on Radio One smoking age has been raised to 18 from today. Jesus, that bill must have slipped through Parliament like a a greased gigolo. @_@ Not that I smoke or even like smokers, but wow, that was fast.

VivisQueen Sep 17, 2007

Yes, yes it is. It deserves every ounce of praise it gets. If you liked Death Note, there is no reason why you shouldn't like this one (similar themes, similar focus on strategy). Unless style of animation and general mecha action doesn't interest you. Judging by you watching Bokurano, I don't think you object to mecha per se, and I guess you like characters being a bit 'fucked up', which CG has in generous helpings. Also, despite the fact this anime looks initially a lot like Gundam Seed, mecha is in no way a key element, it's just sort of incidental part of the world. In my opinion, the story is not disjointed at all - it's fast-paced and streamlined. Don't blink, and you'll enjoy it just fine. Lol.

VivisQueen Sep 6, 2007

Er, to be more detailed, it's a classic sort of dystopia story, with humans who have special telepathic abilities and who would be normally oppressed under the dystopian society, tryign to break free and change the oppressive system. But of course the normal humans don't like it and are suspicious of these 'superior' versions. But I'd say what makes it is the great characterisation, which came out of nowhere and took me by surprise. There's lots of magical sort of flying around in space with bubbles of coloured energy around the individual, mind manipulation, inventive rather than hard science etc. But it's certainly not mindless, any of it. PS. Did I mention I totally adore your avatar? Dung beetle freaks the hell out of me, which makes him the best character in Bokurano - damn, can't wait to have my anime again.

VivisQueen Sep 6, 2007

Hey hedgehog. I haven't completed it because I haven't had access to anime all summer. Now, Terra (the new version) is a remake of an older version, and the older one is apparently not that good. But the new one is so far very, very good. It starts off kinda simple traditional sci-fi premise, but slowly, as the characterisation of the main antagonist comes into play (damn, can't remember his name at the moment) it starts to ask hard questions and it becomes very intelligent. At the time I started Terra I was watching Heroic Age as well which is very similar, and I thought that would be much better, but Terra in my eyes has superceded it. The AniRec entry should give you the basic premise; all I can say is the animation is top notch, the story is very interesting and grows better all the time, and the characterisation is solid. But I reiterate that I haven't completed it - I think I'm a third of the way through or something like that.