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Rated R for retarded
You stopped reading the profile after you saw that letter M, didn't you?

I will never drop a title, I will always finish what I have started even if it's bad. I will never add something to the "will not watch" list.

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   0.5 - Utter shit

I enjoy sweet wine with my anime. /random_fact_#01

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I can't be insulted and I tend to insult people by accident so don't be a pussy. /random_fact_#56

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Sianeka says...

I like the micromangagement and strategy aspects of Civ games, and not so much the actual battles. Possibly because I am so bad at them! I have friends that get bored with all the preparation and only want the battling action, so they don't much care for Civ and they don't get why I love it so much.   Masters of Orion II (or MOO2) is like Civ in space. I really love MOO2!!

(I've heard of Dungeon Keeper and Half Life - I used to keep up with everything that was coming out via PC Gamer magazine, but no longer subscribe to it, and have subsequently lost track of hearing about new titles, except the occasional mention I hear from other gamers that have other hobbies as well, like the mention of gameplay on Anime-Planet.) In fact, I think I bought Dungeon Keeper but didn't play it.  Isn't that the game where you get to slap chickens?

I don't have much time to get back into heavy gaming. It's so much fun, but takes up soooo much time! So am not really seeking to do more gaming at this time. I had a thought to finally try playing the Final Fantasy games, since I found PC versions of them and I was curious but never tried because I didn't own a console.

But just because you recommended it, I will look into Spec Ops: The Line. You have me curious. *grin*

I hope you got your music playing situation managed...

Nov 19, 2014
DreamMonster says...

It's alright, no need to apologize. I'm going to be very busy this week so if I'm not going to reply you for a while then you'll know why.  Just thought I'd give you heads up.  

Wow, a guy who doesn't like ecchi ?!  That's kind of rare ... :P  I wish I could determine the stuff that aren't relevant to me,  but I really can't. I've become curious about everything.  Even ecchi which actually isn't  my most favorite thing either.  Have you seen High Shcool of the Dead ?  Those ecchi scenes almost killed me,  they were so stupid in a show like that. :P  I don't think they fit in there at all. On the streets people are killed by zombies and then there are bunch of girls who play with each other's tits while taking a bath like nothing horrible was going on.  I mean seriously ...  ridiculous.  

Heh, you're not the only one who has been intimidated by One Piece's length. Since I'm also reading the manga I can tell you it will probably be over 1000 episodes altogether because it doesn't seem to be close to the end at all.  And to be honest I'm happy with it because at the moment I couldn't imagine my life without it. :P  Even though you might not believe it there is one anime that's even longer,  Detective Conan. It has 758 + episodes.   And even though I haven't watched it yet I think it's nowhere near it's end either ...  

LoL, I haven't met a person who would actually say that they like filler episodes.  I can't really understand the hate for them though ... because they don't bother me at all. 

Hmm ... I think it's quite rare when manga has drawn after the anime.  I think it's mostly the other way around.  I mean I've seen the shows that are either based on manga or light novel and I think there has been one or two which are not based on anything.  Just some original shows ... 

Nov 17, 2014
Sianeka says...

You are correct that games, especially MMORPGs, can suck up a lot of time. And yet, when you view character stats, it often only says something like you have played x days...  DAYS??? what about the MONTHS of time I've devoted?  LOL

In the past some of the PC games I've spent a lot of time playing and enjoying include Might and Magic VI, Baldur's Gate, Masters of Orion II, and Civilization III. MMORPGs include Asheron's Call and Neverwinter. I'm definitely not into the NEW and hot titles, because I just don't have the time to get into them.

I've tried some Dragon Age, and a bit of everything from DOOM to Diablo... but not regularly in general. Have only ever played racing games in arcades, and that tells you it's been a while, since game arcades are no longer a big "thing" and are hard to find now. I have some games I play with my sister or friends, but those I have in "pause" mode right now generally... (System Shock II, Diablo III, DA - all)

As I said, I'm not very good at the games I play, but I have fun.

Re: large music collection - I've a lot of music added digitally to my iTunes library and I play it on SHUFFLE a lot so that I can get random samplings of all the music in there. I love when I hear something I haven't heard/played for a long time! Otherwise, I generally am "into" an artist at a time when I play, rather than genre...

I don't even have enough free time to watch all the anime I want to see! So not so much gaming for me nowadays; mostly Neverwinter when I do play.

Nov 16, 2014
DreamMonster says...

It turned out that I already have Tsukihime in my 'want to watch' list.  More surprising is the fact that I've actually started to watch Blood+ but stalled it after seeing the first episode.  The surprising part is that I had completely forgotten about it. :P  Well ... I'm sure I'll be able to find time for both of them one day ... when I'm 90 years old or something :D  I have way too many shows I want to see ... but at the moment I have mood and time for One Piece only for so reason.  Maybe because it has healing powers, whenever I  feel down I watch One Piece and all my troubles are washed away ... 

Well ... the art was fantastic in the Berserk  but  I just didn't get connected with the story.  It didn't pull me in.  I've also tried both, to read and watch, Naruto  but for some reason I can't accomplish neither of them.  I hear the manga is completed now though ... And ... manga can get weird ?  Care to explain what exactly you mean by that ?

Nov 13, 2014
Sianeka says...

I've been delayed getting back to you! Sorry for the gap in response time. =( Life sometimes interferes with you best intentions... it has a habit of inconveniently throwing other things in your face to focus on, instead of the things you'd planned.

Glad I could introduce you to Dream - she's posted a few comments here, so hopefully you are having some good conversations together! *smile*

I have a very large music collection, and tons of CDs as well. My musical tastes are eclectic, all over the place, so I've got some of a bit of everything, it seems! I organize everything by artist name, not genre, with the exceptions of Christmas music and classical music. *grin*

For games, I enjoy playing them, but tend to get caught up in a game at a time, so I don't usually end up playing a lot of titles, but instead tend to spend a lot of time on the titles I do play. Which are generally RPGs (and these days, MMORPGs)...  I like strategy games a lot too... although I am not very good at those.  I guess I'm not really very good at ANY games, but I have fun playing them, and that counts, right?

Nov 13, 2014