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You stopped reading the profile after you saw that letter M, didn't you?

►How I deside to watch stuff:

I read the description; sometimes look for specific genre; rarely at the general rating. I do not watch currently running (except one) anime, I like to get the full story in a linear fashion.

►How I watch stuff:

I will never drop a title, I will always finish what I have started even if it's bad.

I will never add something to the "will not watch" list, I see the move pointless.

►How I rate stuff:

5.0 - Godlike [best of the year]

4.5 - Great [candidate for the best of the year]

4.0 - Good [below this will never rewatch]

3.5 - Enjoyable but some things are missing

3.0 - Above average

2.5 - Average

2.0 - Below average

1.5 - Generally bad

1.0 - Completely bad

0.5 - Utter shit


* "Best of the year" stands for best of what I watched that year NOT what came out that year, year count starts and stops at 01.09(dd.mm) of any given year.

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Roksi says...

Thanks man! Seems like youre on it too, I wish I had a bunch more of those >4star ones :D

Sep 2, 2014
Sianeka says...

Hello!  sothis is redesigning the anime-planet site, and plans to roll out an awesome new site design in July, we believe. The blog feature is not part of the new design, and it is going away.  More information about this here:  Announcement: the blog feature is being deprecated topic link.  (Be sure to check out the new site design when it goes live!)

This blog page is going away, and will be gone when the site redesign goes live. Your blog here will be removed from the site.

So, if want to keep the information posted in your blog, you will need to copy this information someplace else on the site. If you have any questions how or where to do this, please feel free to get back to me, and I will try to assist.

Jun 27, 2014
cronus7 says...

I wish I would have done that before I watched Kampfer.

*shivers due to freakiness*

Some of the "scary shit" can be pretty amazing.

Like panty and stocking.

Eh. I spent several months just being off this whole site... so, you shouldn't worry about replying late here.

Apr 28, 2014
cronus7 says...

*sees pinkie pie*

*reads shit nobody cares about*

It kind of scares me that you would NEVER drop something... there's some scary stuff out there...

this has been a random wandering comment.

Mar 8, 2014
grsh says...


Sep 7, 2013