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Rated R for retarded
You stopped reading the profile after you saw that letter M, didn't you?

I will never drop a title, I will always finish what I have started even if it's bad. I will never add something to the "will not watch" list.

   5.0 - Godlike

  ◆ 4.5 - Great

  ◆ 4.0 - Good

  ◇ 3.5 - Enjoyable but something is missing

  ◇ 3.0 - Above average

  ◇ 2.5 - Average

   2.0 - Below average

   1.5 - Generally bad

   1.0 - Completely bad

   0.5 - Utter shit

I enjoy sweet wine with my anime. /random_fact_#01

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Sianeka says...

hectic3006 says...Invasion has begun. :)

Now I want to visit Estonia! *grin* Dream had a little travelogue going on her profile originally before she changed it and the pics from there made it look like a positively enchanting place!

Dec 4, 2014
Luuney says...

Good morning indeed. :)

Dec 4, 2014
Sianeka says...

I just had a new Greeter join my WECO club, and he's also from Estonia! I mentioned this to DreamMonster, so I thought I'd let you know as well!  It's an invasion by Estonians! *grin*

My Greeter's name is Luuney here on the site, in case you would like to leave him a comment.

Dec 3, 2014
Sianeka says...

hectic3006 says... (My) music situation is something that I keep working on, but now I discovered Night Veil and am listening to that.I am not familiar with Night Veil and a Google search isn't much help... more info?

Nov 26, 2014
Sianeka says...

I like the micromangagement and strategy aspects of Civ games, and not so much the actual battles. Possibly because I am so bad at them! I have friends that get bored with all the preparation and only want the battling action, so they don't much care for Civ and they don't get why I love it so much.   Masters of Orion II (or MOO2) is like Civ in space. I really love MOO2!!

(I've heard of Dungeon Keeper and Half Life - I used to keep up with everything that was coming out via PC Gamer magazine, but no longer subscribe to it, and have subsequently lost track of hearing about new titles, except the occasional mention I hear from other gamers that have other hobbies as well, like the mention of gameplay on Anime-Planet.) In fact, I think I bought Dungeon Keeper but didn't play it.  Isn't that the game where you get to slap chickens?

I don't have much time to get back into heavy gaming. It's so much fun, but takes up soooo much time! So am not really seeking to do more gaming at this time. I had a thought to finally try playing the Final Fantasy games, since I found PC versions of them and I was curious but never tried because I didn't own a console.

But just because you recommended it, I will look into Spec Ops: The Line. You have me curious. *grin*

I hope you got your music playing situation managed...

Nov 19, 2014