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the ones thats says watching are the ones i have but have yet to see, unless its ep 3 or above

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What?! No manga ratings?

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wolfangel87 Nov 20, 2010

What are your favorites animes?  You should come back and add a list so everyone can see!

Happy Birthday!!!

Hope1986 Mar 28, 2009

Cool nice to meet you too :)

Pharzy Oct 20, 2008

i know 2 ppl from chicago that watch anime i meet them in ffxi (final fantasy xi( wich is a mmorpg, theres more anime watchers that most ppl imagine is just a matter of be regular to certain places or activities, in rl i normaly watch anime with my fiance :P if i was able to find a anime lover husband to be, im sure youll find plenty of ppl who has your same interest to be friends with! youll see! but dont forget to ask them to join the site so we all get to know one another ~.o !  well if you would like to chat some time i got msn and gmail. just ask for it, im allways looking foward to make new friends :D

bhu bye!

Pharzy Oct 19, 2008

hellu jooooo! welcome to Anime Planet!

ps. my cat helped me to type this :O