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seriously , first 40 episodes were nothing but base to a good funny story to follow up . at first i dropped this series to a mere 20 episodes since i can't accomodte the absurdity of plot but after nearly 2 years when i rewatched it from episode 21 it was so much fun i didn't want to stop going in it. well yes it  do lacks a central plot like king of pirates or becoming a hokage .but it do have it quality moments here and there with a whole new level of comedy

The major problem of this series is excess of jap culture which sometimes cause many jokes misunderstanding in plot understanding. But it have its own flow as how this(supposed to be) main character live his daily life in laziness and idociy with his friend being official terrorist (univeral and national),merchant, police and even freaking shogun.and his rival varies along the same range .

The parodies of this series is awesome though there is an excess to toilet jokes which sometimes annoys me but this series do take life from acheiving particular goal to the life of jack of all traders in a true(though idotic) sense.please give it a try . I recommend you to watch this series from episode 35 i guess while reading some info on main characters fom wikia to get a feel of those.i am sure you are in for a fun and idiotic ride of sakata gintoki. you can also just watch episode one and then continue from 35 while rading info of any previous charcter in later episode though i think it will not be required .

for any queries, suggestion and your opinion of this review please reply


9/10 story
8/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
10/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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