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Mar 23, 2014

This series was better than average it would have be a better series if it was in more realistic scenerio where story is not that only japan is there but the whole world.

Since akemetsu manga focus the points of political reforms in tax investment and morality of the politicians beaurcrate and the system, it seems author have done his homework but he forgot to think that japan is not the whole world but a part of it, akemetsu story line is good but it rather becomes cliched after somettime though artist introduce new ideas in scenerio of killing but in the end it is same( a corrupt politicians, akemetsu arrives, play pranks with him ,kill that bastard in an novel way and after that his heads goes boom, tada new arc), special part of this series was past arc in which we were told how akemetsu becomes akemetsu , mass politician execution ,yakuza part but arc which blows your mind is fake akumetsu arc which introdue akemetsu menifesto and his idea of what evil and not or wether he is a terrorist or not .

Art is simple ,same with backrounds no new great heights is achieved with its quality or detaling but it was ok .

As for characters points are deducted because of cliched politicians behaviour and showing them all as a scumbag down to the core which is not true completely, there was not a single positive points in these charcters but as per scenerio of this story it is all good.Also media part was not expanded that somewhat annoys me.

overall you can conclude the review from my scores .it is just my opinion to the story.for any discussion or querries please cotact me .


9/10 story
6.5/10 art
8/10 characters
7.6/10 overall
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harshrox2 Mar 23, 2014

please ingnore for spelling mistakes and i have written akemetsu in place of akumetsu sorry for that