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Shin Angyo Onshi

Jan 30, 2014

If I were asked to introduced this manga to you I would say this MANGA IS 


story wise:

this manga has a superb story it throws away your phony notions of justice in wirtual world and give you a good wake up to reality i don't meant to say that it is not a fantasy manga rather this character i fell is more alive than that of guts, truth to be spoken berserk only wins in art and because of its band of hawk arc , as far as i consider story are awesome any arc you take. not saying much just read it.

art :

it is one of its drawback which prevent this manga from reaching its true worth , although art is not bad it is not worth of nine point it is just above average, espeacially for gore scenes(earlier) , and scenes where he use medallion (earlier part) are just keeping bare minimum for average, also background work is simple with less detail in it.

charcters: all characters are brilliant ad fun to watch esopecially when protagonists kills his old allies it gaves same felling rai killing nobles in noblesse , no even better.

overall it is a sure fun to watch just cope up with 1st volume and meet up with sanada,from then you are sure in for a fun ride.

for any queries, suggestion and your opinion of this review please reply


10/10 story
8/10 art
10/10 characters
9.8/10 overall
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