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I fell in love with anime when i decided to review dragonball z, after watching every episode of dragonball the fragment of my childhood memories was rekindeled from a small nearly extingused ember to a raging inferno. The only way to put of this firey lust for more japanese animation was not giant helicopters an extinguishing compound payload but more anime. i Watched inuyasha then yu yu hakisho  but even these relics of memories of the old days when i would patently wait for toonami to come on and bring me my weekly anime fix couldn't satisfy me. That was it, like the forest fires that terrorized california last decade i had been completely wooed by the "awesomeness" of anime. And that brings me where i am today, writing like my entire life story with passion and conviction that i rarely show for anything, pouring my heart out for quite possibly no one but i still can't get enough of my anime.

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