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Been watchin anime since 2005. First anime - FMA Second - Cowboy Bebop and haven't stopped since.

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JAhU says...

Umm, AWESOME avatar, I mean grate, I mean (unable to find a proper word in the dictionary). What is it from? Arts for Ghost in The Shell?

Feb 25, 2008
1010rikku says...

Love your avatar, love your anime list, love the aussie accent...*does puppy eyes* you wanna be my friend? plleeeeaaasssseeeee :)

LOL I have been meaning to watch Mushishi, but haven't had the chance, now I really have to add it to my "want to watch" list!

Oct 23, 2007
Arcanum says...


I just happened to be browsing around, and came across your list of anime, which contain some of my own favourites. Always good to see people of similar taste joining the community. :)

Oct 3, 2007
sothis says...

Well hello to you, hammer! A belated welcome. ^_^ When you get a chance, put up an avatar and signature. Once you have an avatar up you'll start showing up in the random user spot on the users home and will probably have a lot more visitors :D the signature feature is new, and rules! You can reach it by clicking my signature on the left. Anyways, ttys!

Sep 29, 2007
OneiChan says...

Hello ^_^ We share two favorite anime, Fullmetal Alchemist and Mushishi! I used to have Paranoia Agent in my top 5 too, but it got bumped out. I think I need to make an honorable mentions list.

Edit: but woah! You are watching Elfen Lied right now, huh? and you don't like it?! How come?

Sep 12, 2007