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Hi there. 

Some may know me as Killerofthesky. I was a rather frequent visitor to the forums in 2011 and 2012. Since then, I've graduated college, started a career as a metallurgist, and married my fiance of 3 years. I now own two cats and a roommate. I've recently gotten back into anime after a necessary hiatus to finish college. 

My first anime was Speed Racer, but it doesn't really count since I was 3 at the time, and probably couldn't tell you the difference between Anime and Tom & Jerry. I was reintroduced to anime in elementary school by Sailor Moon, and again in high school with Inuyasha and Fullmetal Alchemist. My real love of anime started after that, and I've been reading manga and watching anime ever since. I've been to a couple of conventions, but tend to stick with the 2D world.

About My Anime List:

I rate on an arbitrary scale, depending on how I feel at the current moment, so ratings are liable to change on any given day. While I may stall things, this is usually because of school or work related issues rather than me not liking the anime. It is rare that I drop an anime (at this point, it's never happened) as I try to finish anything I start. There are some I will not watch; do not try to convince me they are worth watching. Anything with more than 200 episodes is going to sit on the back burner for as long as possible because the large episode count is daunting. (Or in the case of Crayon Shin-chan, baffling) I am constantly looking for new and interesting anime, so the Want-to-Watch list is constantly growing. 

About my contributions:

You may notice I've also done quite a few reccomendations. I'm currently working on building up my review count, as well. 

Any Other Questions:

You can ask my secretary, Sunako...


Or you know, post a comment on my wall, whatever...

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Menchi says...

Hey, thanks for adding me as a friend!

I like your witty profile, sarcastic is just the style I like :D

What's your next badge goal? I think I might get the Nuku Nuku one next, I have only one series/season/whatever to watch and it's short. If I'd just have time to watch anime at all, been kinda hectic at school -.-

And there's another marathon coming up! Gah... :D

~ Menchi

Nov 10, 2011
turtleduck says...

Just wanted to let you know after reading your blog about NaNoWriMo I decided that I will try to do it too. So it gives me something to do during the month of November so thank you.

Oct 25, 2011
sothis says...

Just wanted to say thanks for putting through all these great recs - we're launching some pretty big upgrades in a few weeks that will remove the 6 rec limit also ^_^ look for the site announcement!

Oct 11, 2011
midgetonfire02 says...

You added me!!!

Haha, sorry if it took a while to accept your add I always forget to check my actual profile. :p I'm usually just lurking on the forum or adding things I've watched onto my list.

Jul 31, 2011
keitaro2 says...

Hi ^__^ havent seen you on the forum in a while hows things?

Jul 3, 2011