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Hi there. 

First, I should probably admit that I've been the stray cat of the anime forums. When I'm here, I'm posting a lot and hanging with everyone. And then, I up and vanish for months at a time. Hopefully, now that life has settled down, I'll be a bit more consistent!

Hamletsmage: A Brief History

I was introduced to anime as many Americans were introduced to anime in the mid-90s, through Sailor Moon. I actually copied the art style for a long time, until I turned my attention to science and gave up drawing. However, I didn't pursue anime after Sailor Moon because like many Americans, I hadn't heard the term. It wasn't until my sophomore year of high school that a friend introduced me to Inuyasha and Fullmetal Alchemist and a bunch of other shows. Between Adult Swim and the Internet, I developed a love of anime and manga. 

About My Anime List:

I rate on an arbitrary scale, depending on how I feel at the current moment, so ratings are liable to change on any given day. While I may stall things, this is usually because of school or work related issues rather than me not liking the anime. It is rare that I drop an anime (at this point, it's never happened) as I try to finish anything I start. I will watch just about anything, although I tend to go for shorter stuff since I can binge it in a day or two. And now, some stats!

Anime #300: Bleach Memories of Nobody

Anime #400: Jin: Lost Time Memory

Anime #500: Absolute Duo

Anime #600: Ojii-san no Lamp

Anime #700: Maiden Rose (thanks Thrawn)

Anime #800: Re:ZERO -Starting Life in a New World-

Anime #900: Valvrave the Liberator

Anime #1000: TBD

About My Manga List

I once had a summer where I read nothing but short manga. One shots, 1-4 volume stuff, of every variety. And then, I burned out on manga and didn't touch it for the longest time. In 2016, I joined the Daily Manga Marathon Club and got reintroduced to the media, so, my manga list will grow again. As long as the sappy shoujo doesn't kill me first. (And I will finish Bleach eventually... when I'm bored)

Manga #150: Crimson Shell

Manga #200: Watashitachi no Shiawase no Jikan

Manga #250: 

About my contributions:

You may notice I've also done quite a few reccomendations. I'm currently working on building up my review count, as well. I'm also attempting to make comprehensive lists on how to get the studio badges. Because... I like badges.  

Any Other Questions:

Post a comment on my wall or find me in the forums.

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XxZeroeZxX Dec 28, 2016

There's no need to apologize sempai! :D

Okaeri *hug* ^_^

Hehe ok, I hope u like it :)

Ikr, and they hav to show it on ESPN like EVERY 5 min -_-

Oh I see :O, well I guess the cold is an excuse to stay closer to sempai *cuddles* ^_^

Oh ok, sempai sounds super cute and cuddly! :D

Hehe sempai called me her kouhai for the 1st time *blushy* :$

Well I'm quite tall, 6'4", pretty wide-bodied, broad shoulders and all that, umm glasses, short dark brown hair and lighter brown eyes

But I promise I hav a kind and gentle heart <3

I hope so, I wouldn't want sempai to get bored w/ me *hug* ^_^

Oh so I guess another obvious thing I don't think I mentioned before, as far as what I do for a living, I work as a civil engineer, w/ water related infrastructure projects :)

Umm lets see some more obvious things...

Well I went to Cornell, as is implied in my prof, people say I'm pretty smart haha

Oh and also I'm a 1st generation American, half Greek and half Portuguese

What's ur background sempai? :)

XxZeroeZxX Dec 28, 2016

Ok so here's that link to my story I promised :)

XxZeroeZxX Dec 28, 2016

I liked what I watched of Mushishi, I only saw about like 6 eps I think though. Not that there was anything wrong w/ it, I was just more in the mood for something to like basically marathon at the time and Mushishi is not that haha 

Yes I did! In high school and college mostly. In fact I took a creative writing class as an elective in college to force me to write more haha. Unfortunately, I can't share w/ u my mastserwork atm, cause work is dumb and they block google drive -_-. However, I will make a point to send it to u once I get home today :) 

Lolol funny sempai ^_^. Well I'm not a regional fan, I'm a long-time Oakland Raiders fan and this yr it finally paid off! :D Except now our QB is hurt and were basically a lame duck for the playoffs, oh well -_-

But yes, I lov cooking! I look forward to sharing w/ u all the things that I've cooked :D 

Oh I see, u stay in such cold places sempai! U should warm it up a little hahaha. Yeah that is a bit far :(. I hav been to West Virginia once or twice when I was a kid, we went to some indoor water park over there. Idk the name but u probably know it, it seemed like a pretty big place at the time (at least it must've been if we came all the way f/ Jersey to go there lol).

So if I may ask, what does sempai look like? o_o

R u tall or tiny? Slim or curvy? So many possibilities :D

Do I sounds energetic enough? Cause I sure am trying lol

XxZeroeZxX Dec 27, 2016

Hooray! :D

Yes character development is always good, but I'm also a big sucker for atmosphere and ambience. And like things that change it up bit u know, something that doesn't necessarily confine itself to certaik genre style or thematic norms. Quite honestly, shows that r able to capture that particular sense of novelty I tend to be quite forgiving on other aspects haha.

Oh I see, well I for one am not particularly well read I'm sorry to say, however I hav enjoyed writing in the past. Not to say I don't anymore, I just haven't the time really haha. However, I can show u some of my old works if u like :)

I do enjoy a bit of strategy and trivia, however I wouldn't call them particularly active pursuits. Outside of anime, I'm also a big time football fan, and I do very much enjoy cooking as well ^_^

Oh my yes, I know literally 1 person f/ back then who's still active and another whom I keep in touch w/ strictly on a personal basis who is no longer active. It's hard to find longevity in a forum such as this.

Oh I see, I imagine u do, the Midwest is a harsh place haha. I'm born and raise in Jersey actually, but I've been all around the last oh what is it like 7ish yrs now. From upstate New York to NC to Connecticut to Texas and finally back to Jersey. Not to say I'm fully settled in here but at least I'm hoping not to move again right away as it has grown quite tiresome haha

Obviously I'm sparing u some of the gorey details but we'll get to that in due time I'm sure :)

That's good to hear u say that, cause if ur within a 100 mi radius I wanna hang out :P

Hahahaha oh dear me, I apologize for that one

In any case, I hope this is the start of a beautiful friendship *hug* ^_^

I'll see u tomorrow if ur available

Oh, and a belated Merry Xmas and preemptive Happy New Year :)

XxZeroeZxX Dec 27, 2016

Ohhh so classy o_o

Well I don't need recs atm, but what I do need...

Is to give u lots of *hugs* :D

So sempai, what kinds of anime to u like?

And what other hobbies do u hav? :)

Also I just noticed we joined the site in relatively close proximity :O

That's rare to see as most of the folks I knew back in the day r long longer active here :)

Not to mention ur f/ the East cost like me ^_^

Sooo, ur not against some casual personal talk r u?