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Hi there. 

First, I should probably admit that I've been the stray cat of the anime forums. When I'm here, I'm posting a lot and hanging with everyone. And then, I up and vanish for months at a time. Hopefully, now that life has settled down, I'll be a bit more consistent!

Hamletsmage: A Brief History

I was introduced to anime as many Americans were introduced to anime in the mid-90s, through Sailor Moon. I actually copied the art style for a long time, until I turned my attention to science and gave up drawing. However, I didn't pursue anime after Sailor Moon because like many Americans, I hadn't heard the term. It wasn't until my sophomore year of high school that a friend introduced me to Inuyasha and Fullmetal Alchemist and a bunch of other shows. Between Adult Swim and the Internet, I developed a love of anime and manga. 

About My Anime List:

I rate on an arbitrary scale, depending on how I feel at the current moment, so ratings are liable to change on any given day. While I may stall things, this is usually because of school or work related issues rather than me not liking the anime. It is rare that I drop an anime (at this point, it's never happened) as I try to finish anything I start. I will watch just about anything, although I tend to go for shorter stuff since I can binge it in a day or two. And now, some stats!

Anime #300: Bleach Memories of Nobody

Anime #400: Jin: Lost Time Memory

Anime #500: Absolute Duo

Anime #600: Ojii-san no Lamp

Anime #700: Maiden Rose (thanks Thrawn)

Anime #800: Re:ZERO -Starting Life in a New World-

Anime #900: Valvrave the Liberator

Anime #1000: TBD

About My Manga List

I once had a summer where I read nothing but short manga. One shots, 1-4 volume stuff, of every variety. And then, I burned out on manga and didn't touch it for the longest time. In 2016, I joined the Daily Manga Marathon Club and got reintroduced to the media, so, my manga list will grow again. As long as the sappy shoujo doesn't kill me first. (And I will finish Bleach eventually... when I'm bored)

Manga #150: Crimson Shell

Manga #200: Watashitachi no Shiawase no Jikan

Manga #250: 

About my contributions:

You may notice I've also done quite a few reccomendations. I'm currently working on building up my review count, as well. I'm also attempting to make comprehensive lists on how to get the studio badges. Because... I like badges.  

Any Other Questions:

Post a comment on my wall or find me in the forums.

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XxZeroeZxX Feb 14, 2017

Happy Valentines Day sempai! :D

Lots of hugs for u ^_^

GlitchFox Jan 20, 2017

Thanks ^^ & you are welcome :3

XxZeroeZxX Jan 17, 2017

Aww that's ok sempai, its good to see u :)

Oh no poor sempai, I hope u get better soon *hug* :(

I concur lol

I actually just finished up ep 2 of Demi-chan, I guess its cute and harmless enough ^_^. Reminds me a bit of GATE actually, not sure if I mentioned that in my previous comment lol.

While overall the quality of anime this season is absolutely horrendous, like might be the worst I've seen, I do think the few shows I am following r rather pleasant :)

They should probably stick to flipping burgers at McDonalds and stay as far away f/ the animation studio as possible haha

It's ok, sempai's a big girl u can handle it :)

And honestly, in this type of season, I don't mind having something w/ a little shock value haha

Not to say its just shock value and no substance, I think they set a pretty solid tone so far, granted it was just the 1st ep

So I also watched the 2nd ep of Onihei, I think it'll be a solid episodic series :). Think of it as a much more simplistic Mushishi mixed w/ like House of Five Leaves haha

XxZeroeZxX Jan 12, 2017

Hehehe that's great sempai ^_^

So sorry for the delay *hug* :(

And yes I hav been watching quite a few of the new anime :D

There's some really really bad anime this season o_o

Hav u seen Hand Shakers? *shivers*

It literally hurt my eyes haha

But there's been some things I like too :)

Like the new season of Rakugo obviously :D

And Little Witch Academia was nice, which was good to see cause I didn't really like the 2nd movie, but the 1st one was awesome ^_^

And and, today I watched Scum's Wish o_o

If u haven't seen it, well umm... Let's just say, I expect it to be the most talked about original series this season :)

Let's just say its a bit umm, controversial ^_^

U must see it O_O

Well, the national championship game was amazing! :D

I hope u didn't miss it sempai :(

So what else has been going on w/ u lately? ^_^