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Anime under 75 minutes

While this list is mostly for Peach so she'll watch stuff outside her normal genre, if you're looking for a quick anime to watch while eating lunch or waiting for someone, check out this list. Does not include short episode series because I have...

Best of the MindF*ck Genre

Once upon a time, there was a mindf*ck tag here on Anime-Planet. It has since been replaced by the "psychological" tag, but that also includes anime that are a tad more cerebral. So, I've compiled the best of the old tag and included some newer...

Boys Who Look Like Girls

Have you ever been watching an anime and it's revealed that "she was a boy all along!". Well, this list is devoted to all the lovely lads out there who either dress like women or simply get mistaken for women on a daily basis.

Hamlet's 2016 Mini Reviews

In the year 2016, I watched these anime, in this order. I have provided a small blurb about the anime with my general opinion of them. Not a full review, but enough to give someone a decent idea. This list won't include movies or one-shots, with the...