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Prepping for College (once again)

12 DEC

Well, it's that time of year again. Time for me to leave Chicago and return to college. For weeks, I've been going over my class schedule, waiting for the classes to assign books, and scoping out the teachers with RateMyProfessor. Now, as the work quarter draws to a close (with 2 weeks left), I begin speculating how all of my accumulated items will fit in the Civic I drive. 

I'm actually excited about this quarter's classes. I have 2 core classes that are required for me to graduate, and 4 electives, that while required, I got to choose. (total of 17 hours of credit)

  • Process Dynamics and Control - core class
  • Professional Development II - core class
  • Chemical Equilibrium and Separations - Chemistry Level 300+ elective
  • Creative Writing: Poetry - Fine Arts elective
  • Celtic Romance and Lyric - Literature Elective
  • Evolution of Life: Planet Earth - Historical Perspective elective

For my undergraduate program, we have Breadth of Knowledge courses, and I am required to take 6 of these courses throughout my undergraduate career. (Oddly, my Mechanical Engineering roommate does not have these courses in his schedule) So far, I've taken Basic Japanese 101 and Abnormal Psychology; I greatly enjoyed both. 

Due to my neurosis, I created a chart detailing time, place, who will be there, and what I will need for each of my classes. (also because I get bored staring at a computer screen for 8 hours a day). Annoying my mother with said chart has given me great amusement.  

As of right now, 2 classes have yet to post books, which is rather frustrating since school starts January 3rd and the books usually take several weeks to arrive. So, my morning routine currently is to get ready for work, check the required books for my courses, then head for work. (and of course, checking throughout the day since my school posts at odd times). 

I'm hoping to continue my novel, but it may fall to the wayside if classwork builds up. Since I will also be helping my sister adjust back to school after being homeschooled for 5 months, it is doubtful that I will write anything beyond my assignments. 

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