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NaNoWriMo (Characters)

28 OCT

This will probably be updated as I start writing, but since NaNoWriMo starts next Tuesday, I think it's time to introduce the Cast.

Narrator - Unnamed, introverted, and horrible with a gun. The Narrator is a college graduate student working for LACE Co. to earn credit toward's his degree. While he shows some promise in the field of bio-engineering, he often fails to meet his mentor's strict guidelines. His knowledge of the demon-human conflict is very limited, though his father was said to be a brilliant demon-hunter.

Stacy R. - Cool, calm, and collected, Stacy rarely shows emotion, despite evidence that she had a fiery temper in the past. Stacy is a bio-medical engineer with a talent for creating DNA-specific, lethal viruses. She works for LACE Co., a medical firm that creates cures for demonic-related illnesses. Stacy is the mentor of the Narrator, though she is quick to pass him off to other members of her team if she gets annoyed with him.

"Angel" - Pink hair, red eyes, and enough frills to put a gothic-lolita to shame. Angel is a demon-human hybrid that "haunts the halls of the apartment complex" where the Narrator lives. Bubbly and cheerful, she is everything a demon shouldn't be. She is often seen with a small child following her, or with a giant white dog at her her side. There is evidence to show that her current coloring isn't natural, and may have been caused by watching cartoons.

Evan Lace - owner and CEO of LACE Co. Evan is a cheerful man in his late fourties with a slight limp he claims was caused by a demon attack in his youth. He is strongly devoted to his company, despite being absent most days to attend to business elsewhere. There is evidence to show that he was once a respected demon hunter.

Black Lotus - while not actually a character, the persona is also the novel's title. Black Lotus is a demon-hunter known for destroying nests in large explosions and leaving a black, flower-shaped mark on the ground as a signature. Sought after by many organizations, the Black Lotus is at the top of the Most Wanted list for their destructive methods.

Jack - Narrator's former roommate and best friend. Jack works as a mechanic for a local air force base. He is often seen stealing the roommate's food, especially cereal. Jack also has an intense loathing for demons.

Marie - Narrator's younger sister. Marie is 14 and a mathematical genius. She is currently attending her Freshman year of college, and lives with her parents. She is quite the worrywort and often jumps to conclusion.

Alice - Egg

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turtleduck avatar turtleduck
Oct 28, 2011

Love you characters especiially the cereal stealer. I wish you luck in the NaNoWriMo. I signed up to do it so hope I can get to 50,000 words.

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